Humint Events Online: Are All Wars Begun With, and/or Maintained by, “Clothing Lies”? A Historical Clothing PsyOps Analogy

Monday, January 04, 2010

Are All Wars Begun With, and/or Maintained by, “Clothing Lies”? A Historical Clothing PsyOps Analogy

by The Anonymous Physicist

The laughable American Intel agency PsyOp of its (or MI6’s) designated Intel Patsy, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab— the world’s only passport-free international flyer— allegedly having a bomb-like device in his underpants, reminds me of another clothing PsyOp that was used to begin World War II.

To get the German masses behind the Nazi regime for the coming World War, the German Nazi propagandists felt that they needed to dress up German prisoners in Polish military uniforms and photograph this for their newsreels to be shown in movie houses. (No real TV then.) The German prisoners were all shot.

The faux Polish military uniforms were obtianed by a Nazi spy/Nazi party member—none other than Oskar Schindler. Yes, that Oskar Schindler. Regarding the fascinating book chapter just cited, the Abwehr was the German military intelligence agency— something like the CIA or DIA. And its head, Wilhelm Canaris, is generally accepted as being a British agent throughout the entire period. And it appeared that Hitler knew about this the entire time. In fact, Hitler only had Canaris jailed and murdered at the very end of the war, when perhaps he saw that he (Hitler) too was to be offed and could not make a deal for his own life with his British masters.

But at that stage of WWII, Oskar Schindler was a “good old Nazi” and a spy for the Abwehr, and was used to obtain the Polish military uniforms that were part of the Nazi Intelligence agencies’ PsyOp to pretend that a German radio station was attacked by the Polish military. This was the German ruse to start the invasion of Poland, and hence WWII.

Notice that the Nazi Regime also killed all but one of their own Intel agents who orchestrated this PsyOp! The chapter states, “All participating members of the SD who had been involved, with the exception of Naujocks, were liquidated.” The SD was the Siecherheitsdienst, or Security Service, the Intel wing of the SS, and a “sister organization” of the Gestapo. Are you reading this, all you gutless agents of the American Gestapo agencies who intercept or read this blog? No one is more “sacrificeable” than Intel agents of a Gestapo regime! This, of course, is why so many of them here in the USA are so gutless. Even when learning— as from my articles at this blog— that the ultimate aim is to kill all of Humanity, including their own children or grandchildren, these Intel agents still cooperate with their bosses, instead of doing the right thing to save Mankind and their own children or grandchildren. The German Regime’s murder of their own Intel agents shows well that Intel agents are among the very first to be offed under many circulstances.

One can say that the American Intel agencies’ “(malfunctioning) underwear bomber” PsyOp stinks. Does any thinking person not realize that this PsyOp is (to get symbolic) full of crap? Will the American Gestapo Regime kill 23 year-old Abdulmutallab, as they did 23 year-old patsy, Lee Harvey Oswald? And as the Germans killed their own Intel agents and the all the German prisoners who wore those fake Polish uniforms, that were used to start WWII? Yes, the malfunctioning underpants bomb has both historical and hysterical relevance. Few people, besides brainwashed Germans— who desperately wanted to believe any lie their Regime told them, so as to avoid their own responsibility for what was unfolding—believed that the Polish military would attack Germany.

I suspect that relatively few people throughout the world believe this laughable malfunctioning underwear bomb from Al Qaeda— Al CIA-Duh. Only desperate American boobs, trying to avoid doing any thinking or acting, in regards to their own regime’s Gestapo-like actions would believe this tale— used to justify perennial war, and the further destruction of Americans’ rights and freedoms. And you can be sure that the Obama administration knows their Intel agencies faked this whole PsyOp, and that the Congress and the Supreme Court know this too. Likewise for the people in the Main Stream Media. They are all complicit. So far, it is sadly like the German Nazi party winning for the first few years. And putting out massive lies all along, until that regime was crushed, and the lies were then publicly disclosed.

We do see that the American Gestapo Regime learned at least one thing from their murder of President Kennedy and their own intel agent, Lee Harvey Oswald: Don’t let your patsy make any public appearances. When trotted out to the press, Oswald was able to blurt out, “I’m just a patsy,” before he was then quickly whisked away, and the “press conference” terminated.

It looks like Abdulmutallab will not be making any public appearances. Any later individual interviews with lone “journalists” should be greeted with skepticism.

(Plus, is there any doubt that Abdulmutallab will be (further) tortured/brainwashed while in custody? --Spooked)

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