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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Who Exactly Are the Terrorists?

We are all complicit in this evil:
Afghan investigators today confirmed reports that 10 civilians, including eight schoolchildren, were killed in an overnight US-led raid in the Kunar Province. They are still looking into the circumstances of those deaths.

But while previous reports had suggested the civilians were slain incidentally during an operation against insurgents, local residents say that they were killed deliberately, and say that the soldiers dragged the children from their beds and handcuffed some of them before the shooting.
It's time to fucking end the fucking war on fucking terror. Please try to do something to end this sickness that is ruining our country.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

latest academic publication from the University of Babel, states that 10 Million Iraqis live in ABSOLUTE poverty since 2003

POVERTY in Iraq since 2003

10 Million Iraqis represent roughly over 30% of the total population.

12:01 PM  

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