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Thursday, January 07, 2010

I Call Bullshit

CIA officers told Afghan guards to allow him past the first of three checkpoints without searching him. The bomber was actually escorted around the checkpoints, and the officers also told the guards to vacate the area, sources told ABC News.

When al-Balawi detonated his bomb, he assassinated seven CIA operatives and wounded six others. He also killed the Jordanian intelligence officer who recruited him out of a Jordanian prison cell.

The question of security procedures has surfaced as information about the meeting has surfaced. Former CIA officers tell that the bombing was a result of poor operational security and went against the known and accepted tradecraft of meeting with agents.

That as many as 13 CIA personnel had gathered to meet a source who had not been searched before entering the base has been hotly debated among former CIA officers who have served in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Said Bob Baer, a former CIA case officer, "It is sort of a grim calculation but normally when you meet an asset like this you have one, maybe two people. So I think people are going to point out inside the agency that they shouldn't have 13 people there."

"Why the officers would show a source all their faces, that alone was a terrible decision," said one former senior CIA paramilitary operative who served in Afghanistan and requested anonymity when discussing sensitive and classified matters. "This is a sad, sad event, but it was a complete security breakdown."
Frankly, I think this story that Obama ordered the killing of these guys is just as plausible as the idea that they were slaughtered due to an unprecedented breach of security.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now it is obvious the only entity that could have done this is the US Govt itself. See my article below on how the German Nazi Govt killed its own SD (intelligence agents) in their scheme to pretend the Polish military attacked a German radio station as a ruse to start WWII.

So to me the only question is-- what did these CIA agents know, and perhaps intend to inform about, that the US Regime felt they had to be killed ASAP??

Obviously they likely knew that the whole thing (AL-CIA-Duh) was a farce, that bin Laden was a US agent or asset, and/or that he is dead etc. The timing indicates that they might even have known about the Nigerian Op? Or it could have been some nefarious Op at that base itself. Like publicizing all the torture, rape, killing the CIA and US forces commit, or perhaps some coming big Op? Or like the German SD, did they know too much about something about an act the US regime already committed--because they were part of it?

Lots of intel agents know lots of things, but these ones probably were intercepted as planning on doing something about what they knew. Or else they partook in something really bad, and couldn't be chanced to live to tell about it.

Anonymous Physicist

9:41 PM  

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