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Monday, February 22, 2010

American "Exceptionalism"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As usual, it was NOT the U.S., but its master, England, that started modern Eugenics.

"Sir" Francis Galton, (half-)cousin of Charles Darwin, coined the term, eugenics, in 1883. The first "International Eugenics Conferences" was held in London in 1912. A decade later, it was held in New York. Galton was knighted for this, and "other great work."

As I have written, London, Rome and the secret societies operating out of there, are in control. And London controlled/controls both the US and Germany. London is where the idea and plannings for modern, mass exterminations originated. And the mass exterminators have all (like Hitler, Stain etc.) been hidden agents/assets of London's secret societies, and intel agencies.

The have many ways to achieve their goals. E.g., vaccinations are a "great" way to get the masses, and idiotic medical people to want to be eugenicized.

Anonymous Physicist

3:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Should be Stalin, not Stain above. But stain is appropriate too.


3:27 PM  

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