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Friday, February 19, 2010


I am probably unique among conspiracy theorists for this, but I never really had a problem paying federal income taxes-- it just never pissed me off in the same way it seems to piss off so many others.

To be sure, I despise many things the govt does, and don't like paying for those things like the immoral wars and needless subsidies and so forth. But I would rather pay than get prosecuted or fined for not paying. And frankly, doing my taxes is usually a good thing, as I typically get a big refund (several thousand dollars) from the taxes that were taken out all year.

So I never understood the fuss people make about paying taxes. I imagine much of their fuss is the result of poor planning or poor tax consultation. Because paying taxes is really only a major burden if you don't have enough taken out of your check during the year, or you don't do estimated tax. Truly poor people have very little taxes to pay. So there is likely something wrong with someone who is majorly upset about paying federal income tax.


Blogger nickname said...

Most of the people you are referring to have been brainwashed by corporate media.

Corporate media represents and advocates on behalf of greedy people.

If rich people weren't greedy, then corporate media would not try to whip up anti-tax fever amongst the hoi polli.

10:03 AM  
Blogger engineer said...

In principle, taxes make sense. There are common needs. Just that "government" is a misnomer. Should be Lackey Service Department.

War, etc. is not currently funded by tax, rather debt. So I pretend that my part goes to the Forest Service and not for the huge out-of control-freeloader-staff, for example, of a congressman, president, and all of Bureaucracy.

11:19 AM  

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