Humint Events Online: Clearly It's Not Terrorism When an American Crashes a Plane Into an IRS Office

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Clearly It's Not Terrorism When an American Crashes a Plane Into an IRS Office

Apparently, Joseph Andrew Stack had a beef against the government, but is there any doubts the wingnuts and the media would be going stark raving bonkers if this was a brown muslim dude (and it wasn't an IRS office)? How many wingnuts have dreamed of doing something similar to what Stack did? (He blew his "stack")

This clip seems to show some plane wreckage outside of the building, next to a huge hole:

Here's a photo apparently showing plane wreckage outside of the building:

Quite different from the strange case of UA175, to be sure.

And here I was saying, not much interesting was going on...

In any case, should be interesting to see how quickly this case of domestic terrorism is dropped by the media.

UPDATE: Greenwald has some good comments on this. Here's a picture of Stack-- clearly a typical white American.


Blogger engineer said...

link already off line due to sensitive nature.........

FBI request. Something sneaky here, already.

Incidentally, how many intelligence/reconnaissance/security forces does the USA have? AF, Navy, Army, homeland on top of the rest.


6:28 PM  
Blogger engineer said...

Universal Soldier

6:42 PM  
Blogger John Lee, Hollywood winner said...

Meet Joe Stack, a Steely Dan kind of kamikaze pilot? Amped Out band member Joe Stack was employed by the Pentagon and CIA to design remote control military flight systems, just like Operation Northwoods. FBI admits it had "prior knowledge" of the kamikaze crash and had prepositioned FBI agents and HAZMAT teams at the crash site before the crash, but of course forgot to warn anybody or stop the flight.

8:07 PM  
Blogger Chad said...

How do we know this was a real plane? Where are the eyewitnesses who saw it? How do we know they weren't fooled? Has any "debris" been identified as actually belonging to a real plane? How do we know it wasn't planted? Garbage trucks were seen in the area shortly before the "crash" that easily could've carried plantable "evidence"....

10:56 PM  

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