Humint Events Online: CDC Wants to Mandate Vaccine Poison for Every American

Thursday, February 25, 2010

CDC Wants to Mandate Vaccine Poison for Every American

Plus, there's the obvious boondoggle that will benefit big Pharma:
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices recommended Wednesday that all Americans over the age of 6 months -- with the exception of those who are allergic to eggs -- should receive a seasonal flu shot every year, beginning this fall. The advice must be accepted by the CDC director and the Department of Health and Human Services before it becomes official, but that ratification is usually pro forma.

The CDC has been slowly broadening the recommendations for flu shots over the last few years to the point where about 85% of the population is now covered. The primary exception now is adults ages 19 to 49 who do not have underlying medical conditions. But the committee noted that many such adults do not realize they are at risk because of diabetes, hypertension or other hidden problems and do not seek the shots.


Blogger nickname said...

The announcement (press release) was released just prior to a meeting between the chairman of Obama's reelection committee and a spokesperson for the Rx industry company who was quoted as saying: "gearing up production for 300 million doses of flu shot vaccine is a big challenge, but we are confident that our dedicated team of employees is up to the task."

When asked if there were plans to make the shots mandatory, the spokesperson said that it would be up to the government to decide things such as that. However, he added that in the face of a pandemic that might well threaten half of the entire known physical universe, it would certainly be prudent for all patriotic Americans to support governmental efforts to encourage people to take every precaution available and that they would support a public option insurance policy for annual flu shots for all Americans, regardless of age or preexisting medical condition.

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Blogger engineer said...

You don't need flu shots. Barf. Have a good diet, and go for long hike instead.

Off topic but yuk?

Police Escort 13 year old out for not doing Pledge Allegiance

The teacher is vomit dumb. Is the following any wonder?

senate votes to renew Patriot act


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