Humint Events Online: The Bipartisanship Op-Plan for Destroying America

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Bipartisanship Op-Plan for Destroying America

I may have noted this before, but this is so true:
...bipartisanship is bad. Achieving it often requires splitting the baby type compromises. It spreads the blame around by making everybody and therefore nobody responsible. It obscures the real differences between the parties, and those differences are good because they provide voters with a real choice.

I'm not suggesting that lawmakers should never vote with the other side, but in general voters and democracy are much better served by having political parties with clear, if not extreme, differences.
Yet major politicians and particularly the national media are OBSESSED with bi-partisanship. Bi-partisanship clearly leads to inaction in Congress when good things could be done, and then when bi-partisan, clearly faulty legislation is passed, bi-partisanship leads to no-one clearly being responsible. This is a subtle but definite way that our political system is being destroyed.


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