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Monday, February 01, 2010

Deep Thought of the Day

We are a nation of war criminals.


Blogger engineer said...

Most all websites, formerly bordering on pursuers of the "truth" (ICH, GlobalResearch), are now buying the official version, evidently for expanding their connection base to 99-plus percent of the public, which otherwise has shrunk to nearly nothing (now a cult). So they join Alternet, etc. to chastise the "government" for engaging in bully wars and they are so against the WOT!

But this does zero to reduce the trust in government, which is the only key. Governments war, with impunity (winning side).

Is this not war criminal complicity?

8:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do not identify myself with the nation anymore. It is hard to be able to continue to identify with a group if the group has been taken over by sociopaths and mass murderers.

The Neocons have been agitating since the '70's for extreme capitalism enforced by reckless military attacks. They have ridiculed advocates of human rights and the rule of law.

Let us not forget that our current eeo figurehead of the homeland has a chief of staff that is the son of an Irgun terrorist.

The Irgun, among their many adventures, demolished the tallest building in Israel, The King David Hotel---with explosives. They attempted to make it look like it was done by Arabs. The building was full of British Officers, and the Irgun were dressed as Arabs as they planted the explosives. The Irgun wanted Britain to honor past promises to withdraw and support an independent Jewish state. The plan went bad as the plot was discovered, and the building was taken down with many of the Irgun still inside. In Israel, this event, and the fallen Irgun, are remembered reverentially as cornerstones of the founding of the Israeli state.

No doubt the false-flag controlled demolition of the wtc will be remembered fondly as the cornerstone of the founding of the u.s. as a neo-con puppet state.

10:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Is this not war criminal complicity?"

Maybe or maybe it's not. Kinda hard to say.

10:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh no, the Israelis killed those wonderful British soldiers.

Oh No! How terrible!

The British who exterminated 5.5 million Irish people in the 1850's, and lied and claimed it was from the famine they engineered--but really simply took all the Irish grain and livestock over to London--where your own masters apparently are.

Oh no, they killed British soldiers.

The British who threw women and children into churches during the American War of Independence [or "terrorism" according to you 10:38], and then burnt the churches to the ground.

Oh no, those wonderful British, who gave the world germ warfare when they "gave" it to American Indians in the first half of the 18th century via blankets laden with plague.

Oh no, those wonderful British, who exterminated tens of millions of (Indian) Indians over 2-3 centuries of rule there.

Oh no, those wonderful, wonderful British, for whom Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Benito Mussolini have all been documented to be intelligence agents of! The 100 million people that died in WWII can all be laid at the doorsteps of your beloved British masters in London.

The tens of millions exterminated by Hitler and Stalin, via camps in the former, and an engineered famine (sound familiar?) in the latter case, are again all laid at the doorsteps of your beloved British.

Imbecile, the Israeli regime--under the control of your British regime!!--does foully treat the Palestinian people, but their killing some (sacrificed by their own regime) British soldiers sure wasn't anything bad!

Or did you somehow forget--in your raving madness and desperate, ignorant prejudice--that American "terrorists" killed as many British soldiers as possible to gain independence from England?

Fascinating 10:38, that the post was about all our own complicity in not stopping what the American regime is doing to the world and to Americans as well.

And all you can offer is "those damn Israelis killed those wonderful British soldiers."

Get a brain transplant, or cancel your British agency card.

10:38 Which one?
Moron or intel?

12:19 PM  
Blogger engineer said...

"Kinda hard to say." Agree.

Rhetorical/probing question.

There are mostly no absolutes, since at present there are no extra terrestrial superior sources of guidance, contrary to what many claim. British good, British bad?

Reasons (some out of infinite) for not being complicit or are complicit in the best approach:

1. Like JFK, 9/11 is over. So go with the flow. Stop shoveling shit against the tide.

2. The human can be conditioned, robot/zombie/retard like (TV), in which case, not responsible. (Most likely.) Do you hold a child responsible for the parents actions?

3. The Ruling Elite is/are correct, and know what is best.

4. Population control. Experts say that it will increase on earth to 20 billion in some appointed time. Not so. They will be killing each other in concentrated areas as self regulation long before this happens.

12:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear 12:19, I never said {those damn israelis killed those wonderful british soldiers}, you did, and I resent your quotations.

For the record I am a Republic of Ireland citizen, and I am well aware of the hundreds of years of being lorded over by a cowardly and sadistic bunch such as the English.

It is this knowledge of the Irish past that makes me feel that my various relatives made a wrong turn coming to America--it looks like they traded one form of slavery for another.

There were not just British soldiers, but a number of Jewish civilians in the King David Hotel, including women and children.

I brought it up because the modus operandi, or fingerprint if you will, of the King David and the WTC were similar, and I think the same people were behind both attacks.

The purpose of both attacks was essentially political. In the case of the WTC attacks, the results have been staggeringly successful.
For example, upper level military briefings (U.S.) are conducted by Mossad. Foreign country military attaches (U.S. officers in China, Russia), answer to Mossad bosses.
What part of that is not a coup, is not a takeover?

1:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

1: 06

You are quite disingenuous!


"I brought it up because the modus operandi, or fingerprint if you will, of the King David and the WTC were similar, and I think the same people were behind both attacks."

Now I'd love to see your detailed explanation of this!

What fingerprint???

They blew up a building. Done by everyone everywhere!

That's your "evidence" that it was Mossad?

You are really smelling more and more like British intel every second. (They've got plenty still in the Republic of Ireland as they have in the USA and every country.)

It is well known that MI6 control and founded the CIA, KGB, and the Mossad.

And your lying idiocy that it is the other way around is pure intel hangout--that Mossad controls the other countries. Ha.

I love the Irish, especially the women. But you are a disgrace to the memory of Michael Collins. He'd have exposed your British intel cover.

2:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Oh no, those wonderful, wonderful British, for whom Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Benito Mussolini have all been documented to be intelligence agents of!"

"It is well known that MI6 control and founded the CIA, KGB, and the Mossad."

Not Venus, MERCURY poison girls.
Have some. 2DAY.

Want proof? How about 90 proof? That good enough for ya?

4:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, I take back the Irgun thing. It was out of line. I woke up in a cave this morning was in a stupor.
The only real similarities are 1.false flag op being blamed on Arabs, 2. a building being blown with people in it.

It is absolutely true, that if there were any Mossad involvement it was at the request and direction of others, Including MI6, CIA, etc.

The one guy who I think has the most accurate insight as to what the hell happened is that Russian General that was the head of the Russian Forces on the fateful day. Having read War and Peace, and having studied the Russian defense against Napolean and Hitler, I think the Russians know a little about being attacked.
The written statement is a bad translation as it was taken from a speech at a peace conference, but his awkward phrasing aside---he stated it was the oligarchs (financial elites-investment houses, oil and gas, weapon industry, etc) along with a few treasonous politicians.
Because most of the U.S. military, NSA, CIA are averse to war crimes, etc, and showed this during Viet Nam with false bombing assessments,etc, outside foreign nationals had to be brought in. The big finger, however, has to be pointed directly at New York, Washington, and London.

8:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

4:05 could only be one of two people foul enough to have previously mocked the severe illness of an innocent human being in that way.

It looks almost identical to what the person cited below wrote. And that one is a self-admitted intel perp.

He has admitted his first moniker here was Early Wynn, now "Nickname"--again laughably posing as a phony liberal, but who outed himself for being involved somehow in either or both of the Kennedy Assassination and the cover-up.

Despite having over 46 years now to explain his whereabouts on Nov. 22, 1963, he still refuses to do so.

Look for the July 15, 2008 article by Spooked and The Anonymous Physicist.

It's in the July 2008 archives here:

The article is entitled:

The “REMASTERMIND” Needs to Reveal His Timeline for Nov. 22, 1963
Further, He Must Relinquish Any Attempts at Revisionist Re-Mastering of the Truth of the Kennedy Assassination.

But notice the Massive Op of how the intel vermin (besides "Nickname") do not allow any info source on the planet to discuss events that involve state terroism without trying to pin ALL such acts where it doesn't (ultimately) belong.

Langley, London and Rome just have to blame all the nefarious deeds they perpetrate--or order others to do--on either Reds/Commies/Russkies or Jews/Zionists/Israelis.

This is how an intelligent person can tell that Langley, London or Rome perpetrated an Op!!!!

Without any evidence, they will appear EVERYWHERE and proclaim one of the two above hangouts did it.

See the above from the purported Irishman:

"Mossad did the World Trade Center because large buildings were bombed, just like the Jews/Israelis did to the large building called the King David Hotel in the 1940's. This proves the Israelis did 9/11." [Paraphrasing]

Did you ever see anything more stupid AND MORE OBVIOUS TO ANYONE WITH A BRAIN--that the Op is to divert away from who really ordered 9/11. Here we have most likely a British intel agent posing as an Irishman, or he may even be a fifth column Irishman. But his Op is blatant!

But his brilliance should always be remembered:

If any large building is blown up anywhere for ever more, it has to be Mossad because they once blew up a large building in the 1940's!!

And when you point out the absurdity of that, another intel filth, involved in either the killing or the cover-up the last President of the USA, then must show how foul and filthy he is.

He is ordered to support the absurdity just cited, because he is ultimately controlled by the same Langley/London controllers!


9:05 PM  

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