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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Wanker of the Week

Dennis Blair.

Though this wankery is much more pernicious than simple wankery, and is more than just Blair. The real problem is all those who promote the whole sick, evil, bogus and demented "war on terror". Basically, it's all the war criminals in the media and in the government, plus the war criminals of the Bush administration-- generally, our US establishment. Which is why we are so fucked unless we have a major turnover in power.


Blogger engineer said...

All for terrorist chasing? How long will they buy this?

Finally, there truly is terrorism (word mostly resurrected following 9/11) as in the following.

Senator Carl Levin, wanker

Increased lethal drone missile attacks in Pakistan, and calls (Carl Levin) for that model to be replicated in Yemen.

1,400 personnel to Colombia to man seven new bases.

110 million dollar construction of new military bases in Bulgaria and Romania.

Africa Command, will expand its activities on and off the coasts of that continent beyond current counterinsurgency operations in Somalia, Mali and Uganda and drone flights from a newly acquired site in Seychelles.

$6.5 billion arms deal with Taiwan with an agreement to deliver 200 Patriot Advanced Capability anti-ballistic missiles.

...the 100 American soldiers who will operate it (Patriot missile batters), would not be based on the outskirts of the capital of Warsaw as previously announced but in the Baltic Sea city of Morag, 35 miles from Poland’s border with Russia.

(Russia will sit back for the US to crash, but the US could launch a Patriot if they discovered a terrorist somewhere in Russia.)

The first step is to put existing sea-based weapons systems on Aegis-class destroyers and cruisers.

Weird, scary:

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