Humint Events Online: Why the Wheel in the Columns Was Planted, Beyond Any Reasonable Doubt

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Why the Wheel in the Columns Was Planted, Beyond Any Reasonable Doubt

(click to enlarge)

Note the following:
1) the wheel appears loosely placed in the space between two of the columns
2) critically, the actual steel (aluminum?) hub of the wheel is NARROWER than the rubber tire, this means: the axle is broken off on the right side, leaving part of the wheel that cannot pass through the columns. This broken axle is resting on top of the columns and is not wedged in between the columns (as can be seen in higher power view of the photo)
3) thus, the wheel is really only anchored in between the two columns by the tire-- flexible, rubbery balloon part of the wheel.
4) a massive crash of the airplane tire into this gap between columns WOULD HAVE PUSHED THE WHEEL THROUGH AND THE WHEEL WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN EMBEDDED IN THE COLUMNS, thus: would have bent the broken axle and caused it to be wedged in between the columns
5) there is simply no way this loosely resting wheel could have survived a fall of approximately 1,000 feet from the upper stories of the WTC-- it would have either bounced out upon impact, or if it was wedged in and got pushed up upon impact, at least the broken axle would shows signs of being distorted.

If the wheel was planted, then the question is WHY would it be planted?

The best answer to this is that the 9/11 perps wanted to have the appearance of a plane crash, when there was in fact no crash.

An alternative explanation is that some official person found this wheel somewhere else, and decided it would be funny to pretend the wheel was embedded in the columns.

Given other evidence of planted plane parts at the WTC scene, this alternative explanation seems unlikely. Also, it seems unlikely a single official (or civilian) would tamper with a crime scene like this, or that they would be able to move the wheel alone. If more than one person was involved, it is a conspiracy and an obvious attempt at a hoax.

But this evidence may be one of the most clearest examples of staged evidence in the 9/11 plane hoax.


Blogger engineer said...

At the risk of nit picking, the wheel is likely aluminum or a magnesium alloy. Has no bearing on the point, of course, except much lighter.

12:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think those are not even real perimeter columns - they just look wrong to me.
anyway the whole thing is a crock - either staged or photo-shop or both.

2:19 PM  
Blogger engineer said...

Sidewalk ok. Should use this contractor again.

Wheel free of lugs, nuts. Undercarriage assembly will fail somewhere else sooner, likely. Part of assembly (brakes, etc.) should be there. random.

4:22 PM  

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