Humint Events Online: Pentagon, Along with the Obama Administration, Is Holding Back Info from Congress on the Fort Hood Killings

Friday, April 30, 2010

Pentagon, Along with the Obama Administration, Is Holding Back Info from Congress on the Fort Hood Killings

Leslie Phillips, a spokeswoman for the Senate committee, called the administration's move "an affront to Congress' constitutional obligation to conduct independent oversight on the executive branch."

The committee has been investigating the Fort Hood massacre for nearly five months and has complained that the FBI and the Pentagon have stonewalled its efforts to gather information.
Gee, I simply CAN'T imagine why they would do that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

At the time of the shooting, inside sources at Fort Hood reported that what actually happened was that enraged soldiers, informed they were to be deployed yet again to Iraq after having already served their enlistment commitments, rebelled and went on a shooting spree. The US Government decided that admitting there was rebellion in the ranks was probably a good way to inspire other soldiers fed up with the wars to quit shooting themselves and start shooting the politicians. So a plan was quickly improvised to blame the deaths on a crazed long nut assassin (Copyright 1963 CIA) and of course the villain de jour is always going to be a nasty mean ol' Muslim.

With the White House defying a subpoena to provide witness statements, one thing that we now know for a fact is that the story of Fort Hood spoon-fed to us all by ABCNNBBCBS is likely not true.


First, a little insight into Major Hasan from (halfway down)

~~An uncle who lives in Ramallah said Major Hasan chose psychiatry over surgery after fainting while observing childbirth during his medical training. The uncle, Rafiq Hamad, described Major Hasan as a gentle, quiet, deeply sensitive man who once owned a bird that he fed by placing it in his mouth and allowing it to eat masticated food. When the bird died, Mr. Hamad said, Major Hasan “mourned for two or three months, dug a grave for it and visited it.”~~

Now, 30 other soldiers were wounded; clearly many of these who saw the shooter/s will have something to say, and they would say it was not Major Hasan. So, those of them who make a full recovery might be sent to Afghanistan and put on a troop carrying helicopter . . . Taliban did it, yep. The remainder who are permanently disabled and go back to civilian life will, one by one . . . well, they were `depressed`.

This is quite possible as we read that 18 vets take their own lives daily.

Their names will remain sealed from the public and the connection will never be made . . . which is why it's vital for the Obama admin to not release their names.

Question, would mutinous troops shoot fellow hapless soldiers on the base who just happened to be in the `readiness centre` who had nothing to do with issuing those orders for yet another deployment ? Let's not forget, it was officers who were `fragged` in Vietnam.

The `readiness centre` is where they have their pre departure medical and dental checks done.

Or would mutinous soldiers be told to go to the adjoining waiting area (there would have to be one), whereupon some intel guys dressed in fatigues came by and opened up on them, the MPs of the area having just earlier been called away for `a discussion about revised security arrangements for the base`, allowing the intel guys to drop their M16s into the car unseen and quietly drive off and out.

It's a sprawling base and other soldiers stay in whatever area allocated to them.

Not clear where Major Hasan was shot, but we read that he had lost the use of his legs, so if he was shot in the `readiness centre`, how did he get to the golf course?

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