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Friday, April 02, 2010

Things That make You Go "Hmmm"

Obama issues a major increase in gas mileage standards for the auto industry. That's good. The bad part is the new mpg standard is "34"-- a number I've been seeing more and more lately, a number with sinister connotations.

Even putting aside the 34, I would feel much better about the mileage standards if it weren't for his administrations' blatant support of illegal wiretaps, to name one of a dozen issues that show the true colors of President O.


Blogger nickname said...

My phones, keyboard, calculators, microwave oven, radios, rulers, and even the streets in my neighborhood
all contain the dreaded (by some, I suppose) the number "3"...and come to think of it, they also all have the number "4".

10:24 AM  

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