Humint Events Online: Three Good Things from the Gulf Oil Disaster

Monday, May 24, 2010

Three Good Things from the Gulf Oil Disaster

1) people are looking more seriously at alternative energy sources

2) people can clearly see how blatantly corporations have run amok

3) no one is talking about "peak oil" anymore

Of course the bad things are still very bad:

1) an entire ecosystem is being wiped out and millions of rare creatures are dying or are dead

2) global die-offs are possible

3) Republicans are still insane

4) have to wonder if the pathetic handling of this is on purpose-- to maximize damage. Exhibit A: this.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the month since the BP-run Deepwater Horizon exploded and collapsed into the sea, its drill site spewing an unending current of oil into the open ocean, the US government has granted at least 19 environmental waivers for gulf drilling projects and 17 drilling permits. Most are for deepwater drilling operations, similar to that conducted by the ill-fated rig.

US has approved 19 environmental drilling waivers since oil spill

10:59 PM  

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