Humint Events Online: Serious Electoral Funny Business in South Carolina

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Serious Electoral Funny Business in South Carolina

Totally bogus candidate wins Dem senate nomination in South Carolina.

Given the history in the state, I gotta figure he's a GOP plant, and there was some serious vote rigging.

AP notes that "If he stays on Nov. ballot, he will be 33 yrs old, and he was in Army Intelligence."

UPDATE: Looks like the cover-up/fix is in for Greene-- on the news roundup this morning on NPR, the pundit panel all basically agreed that the idea was silly that Greene was a plant candidate... and of course they wouldn't even touch the idea that there was election rigging. Their logic was that Jim DeMint was such a star in South Carolina, that it was silly that the Rethugs would mount a bogus candidate and get in trouble when they didn't need to.

UPDATE 2: Some Dems now actually are pointing to serious monkey business and vote rigging.


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