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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Today's 33

Article on Peak Oil in this morning's NYTimes, second sentence: "For Mrs. Wilkerson, 33, a moderate Democrat from Oakton, Va., who designs computer interfaces, the spill reinforced what she had been obsessing over for more than a year — that oil use was outstripping the world’s supply. She worried about what would come after: maybe food shortages, a collapse of the economy, a breakdown of civil order."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

One sees how this rag, NY Times (the epitome of the MSM) is so totally intel-controlled.

Not a single word there that many brilliant scientists have shown that oil is abiotic, nor that there is vastly more oil than corrupt Gov'ts state.

Naturally they often cite a "33 year old" for such stories. This one's "moderate politics' is also claimed, for obvious reasons.

They cleverly imply she has read much, and so "knows" peak oil "must" be true. When she either has read nothing or comprehends nothing.

Of course, her town--Oakton, Va.--is not all that far from McLean, Langley and all the other intel agencies. So makes one wonder what she or hubby do when they are not playing peak oil game. Recall how so many interviewees on 9/11 were MSM people (read intel assets.)

The article implies we need another energy source immediately.

Why only nuclear power can save us now! Hallelujah. See if NYT follows up tmow with a nuke piece.

The PTB are expert in getting Mankind to want to employ the seeds of his/her own destruction.


9:51 AM  
Blogger spooked said...

Check out the one photo they have of this "33 year old". She looks much older than 33. Likely the 33 is totally falsely inserted.

9:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I looked further into this "33 year old" Jennifer WIlkerson.

I found this:

It gives one pause to say the least!

She is expert with Capwiz·XC. This seems to be a system which is being pushed as an interface or such for ALL to have to go through to access your Congressman or the media!!!

The link above includes that she:

"Lead first major of redesign of in over 10 is a public-service site that allows citizens to write or lookup their legislators via Capwiz·XC."

Repeat: "via Capwiz·XC."

"Worked with a team to maintain content on major-market FOX, UPN and ABC television station Web sites..."

All the above could be innocent, or it could be a significant find in a deep, foul Op-Plan by the gestapo agencies to immediately see who is trying to contact their "representative" to complain, or similarly to access the media to complain. All such people are viewed as dangerous by the Gestapo regime.

Anonymous Physicist

10:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Capwiz·XC" itself could have some foul meaning.

Isn't Blackwater (gestapo) now called simply


Yes.: Xe Services LLC


10:20 AM  

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