Humint Events Online: The Gulf Oil Crisis and “The Nuclear Option,” and a Possible Hidden Ultimate Reason for the Nuclear Option

Monday, May 31, 2010

The Gulf Oil Crisis and “The Nuclear Option,” and a Possible Hidden Ultimate Reason for the Nuclear Option

By The Anonymous Physicist

It was only a matter of time, I had presumed, before the “nuclear option” would be proposed to try to plug the leaking BP Deepwater Horizon Gulf oil well. I should note that some people are asserting there is a larger leaking well, in the Gulf, not far away from the one getting the public’s attention. And before getting into the nuclear aspects, please note that some experts are stating that the dispersant BP has used may be far more toxic, carcinogenic, and porphyrinogenic than the oil itself. The wise reader should consider that the leaks themselves, and any or all harmful sequelae, may have been planned out “well” in advance.

With the failure of the “Top Kill” method to halt the well’s massive leak, the nuclear option is being trotted out. Reference to the Soviet Union’s use of nuclear bombs to plug underground oil or gas leaks has been made, with a youtube video being highlighted now. I also note that with Obama’s bringing in “top scientists” two weeks ago— some with DARPA connections— to “figure out” a solution, indicates that the nuclear option has been planned perhaps from the outset. Indeed one member of the team is the actual “father” of the H-bomb, Richard Garwin, PhD. (Edward Teller was always a fraud and a front from, and for, the secret societies.) I note that Dr. Garwin is now 82 years old, an age that would ordinarily have people totally retired.

One oil insider has just publicly stated the nuclear option was “the only thing we can do.” See here and here. This is investment banker, Matt Simmons. His Wikipedia reference is as foul as it is fascinating. He is a proud member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Club of Rome. Most readers I trust are well familiar with the CFR. The Club of Rome— a “global think tank”— was founded by two people, one was an Italian, and the other a Scotsman. Here you have the epitome of what I have informed people of— Mankind’s control by those in secret societies operating out of the UK and Rome— with plenty of limited hangouts thrown in to divert attention. And with Mankind’s ultimate controllers very well hidden.

Now the USSR’s use of nukes to plug oil or gas leaks appears to have been only for land use. And anything nuclear must always be viewed with great caution. I mean that in several ways. First whether what is publicly promulgated is true in the first place— as the PTB have, since 1945, tried to get Mankind to “stop worrying and love” anything nuclear, when “all things nuclear” has always had a sinister ulterior purpose, that I have revealed. The perfect example of this is the use of nuclear fission power plants, an utter abomination due to the prevalence of safer, alternative energy means, and with the immense half-life of the radioactive wastes created. The China Syndrome term was coined to denote the immense half-life and great heat generated by such radioactive, fissioning waste, such as was created by the use of numerous small nuclear bombs to destroy the World Trade Center on 9/11/01.

So the use of nuclear bombs to plug massive underwater oil leaks may be fraught with great and unknown dangers. That some of the people steering towards this possibility appear to be deeply connected to the evil secret societies that control Man is troubling, but fully expected here. There is another possibility that I now present to the world for the first time.

There may be something else there that the PTB wish to nuke! If that seems strange, never forget that both the U.S. and the USSR had planned to nuke something on the “back side” of the Moon in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. And all their excuses for wanting to do this, and for halting plans to do it, I have revealed, are laughably bogus. The only thing that was logical was that the two bogus enemies— so thoroughly controlled by Mankind’s evil creators— were trying to nuke some base(s) there that control the Quarantine around the Earth. And both the US and the USSR nuked— and created— the Van Allen radiation belts around the Earth in the late 1950’s until OTHERS, I have asserted, blew up the rockets that were being launched to do this. So it is not so far fetched that there is something underwater that the PTB wish to nuke now. I am not saying that this is definitely the case, but with such creatures as Matt Simmons/Club of Rome, and others pushing for this, there is something rotten likely going on here. And indeed if this is the case, the oil leaks may have been deliberately perpetrated so that nukes would be used. Of course, there are other possible negative outcomes to the use of nukes, including creating larger leaks that must be considered here. As well as matters of radiation, though they have nukes with far less radiation output nowadays.

We will see how this plays out…as much as we are allowed to see anyway. But I am against the use of all nuclear bombs and of nuclear fission or fusion reactors, with the exception of Cold Fusion that the PTB have not wanted Mankind to have. The bogus Peak Oil Scam would never even be claimed if Cold Fusion had been implemented. And never forget how covert operator, nuclear physicist Steven Jones— the thermite 9/11 scam creator— was inserted to destroy Cold Fusion. The Peak Oil Scam allows for such events as the BP crisis, and the use of nuclear bombs and reactors, and the retention of weapons that have always had the annihilation of all of Mankind as their goal.

And in case you doubt the deep layers that may be here, consider that Richard Garwin, the father of the H-Bomb, now trotted out at the age of 82, to nuke the Gulf Oil well is a member of the Jason Defense Advisory Group. Wiki states that “JASON's activities are run through the Mitre Corporation, a non-profit corporation in, McLean, Virginia [cough] which contracts with the Defense Dept.” And Wiki states there are several possible derivations for the acronym JASON.

However I would cite its use from ancient Greek “mythology.” Jason and his Argonauts sought out the “Golden Fleece” which was protected by a “dragon.” Some mythology experts say that— here it comes— “the ram is said to have been the offspring of the SEA GOD Poseidon.” Jason, with the aid of Medea, slew the dragon, and took the Golden Fleece.

But it has been known since ancient Chinese civilizations that dragon was a metaphor for the Quarantine around the Earth. Has this been Garwins’s life-long quest— defeating the Quarantine, starting with his creating the H-bomb, and culminating in nuking something deep underwater in the Gulf?

P.S. Please promulgate this far and wide; there is something really rotten going on here, and the nuclear factor is the key. All things nuclear have one goal.

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