Humint Events Online: NYC Chief Medical Examiner Slipped Up! He Admitted WTC 9/11 Victims Were Vaporized! Wecht Brought in to Clean Up

Friday, May 28, 2010

NYC Chief Medical Examiner Slipped Up! He Admitted WTC 9/11 Victims Were Vaporized! Wecht Brought in to Clean Up

By The Anonymous Physicist

From December, 2001: “Dr. Charles Hirsch, the chief medical examiner, triggered an angry response two weeks ago when he told grieving relatives that MANY BODIES – NO ONE IS SURE HOW MANY – HAD BEEN “VAPORIZED” AND WERE BEYOND IDENTIFICATION.”

As I have written, only the multi-million degree temperature and neutron bombardment from nukes is capable of vaporizing people, and steel, and a good percentage of the towers’ contents— as is evident from all the missing mass in the rubble pile. Neither alleged thermite nor thermobarics are capable of vaporizing 1100 people and massive amounts of steel and other building contents. (And neither could alleged jet fuel, or alleged gravitational “collapse” do this.) Hirsch’s statement now should be seen, and cited, as further corroboration of Fire Engineering Professor Dr. Jonathan Barnett’s statement that he witnessed partial steel girders that had undergone vaporization from “extraordinarily high temperatures.” And just as Dr. Barnett’s statement saw subsequent, desperate extensive attempts to “explain” it away, we see that the Regime has again trotted out numerous people to try to do likewise in this matter. First the article cites spokeswoman Ellen Borakove, who desperately (and laughingly) invokes jets and jet fuel, which couldn’t vaporize anything.

Then we see the invocation of one of the alleged big names in the pro-conspiracy field, Cyril Wecht, MD, JD. And the above article has this, “The combination of fire and compression from tons of rubble could reduce a human body to a small amount of tissue and bone, said Dr. Cyril Wecht, a top forensic pathologist in Pittsburgh.” Except that the article does not have that in quotes. And what is in quotes from Dr. Wecht— “There are pieces, but how do you identify and extract it from other similarly appearing pieces at the site – bricks, mortar, rubble?”— is meaningless for these purposes.

This calls for an important aside on Cyril Wecht. Perhaps he first became famous for his stand in the infamous Walter Cronkite “NOVA” Goebellian TV show on the Kennedy Assassination, in the late 1970’s. Of the 19 medical examiners, only Wecht refused to say that the evidence from Parkland Hospital agreed with the ludicrous Warren Commission “findings” about Kennedy being shot from behind. (Other medical examiners later stated how they were tricked by Cronkite and company.) Of course, we know that the laws of Physics (Conservation of Momentum) preclude this from being possible for the fatal head shot. And the wounds themselves make perfectly clear that the fatal headshot came from Secret Service Driver, William Greer. With the fatal head shot entering, as Asst. Press Secretary Kilduff pointed to, just above his right eyebrow, at the Parkland Hospital press conference.

Note that, and the partial turn to Jackie that JFK had made before being paralyzed for his last few seconds, and it is clear just who the only one in the world is who could have fired the fatal head shot. And everyone at the Dallas site knew it, which led to the federal Gestapo regime creating an entire industry of bogus experts to manufacture a “mystery.” A feat duplicated in the 9/11 matter. Just as the fatal head-shot to President Kennedy is either denied or desperately avoided with meaningless issues and trivia, the source for the destruction of the World Trade Center is either lied about or avoided. And matters of “vaporization” are very high up on the list of things to publicly avoid mention of, or lie about. And when a public slip-up occurs, desperate “clean up” measures invariably ensue.

But the point here is that, on the surface, one would think that citing Wecht— if he did say what is attributed to him, which is a big if in fascist America— would put 9/11 conspiracy “theories” to rest. Of course, this was the purpose for including Wecht in the attempts at revisionism. But I have tried to inform people of the cleverness of limited hangouts and gate-keeping. Wecht, though he declared himself against the WC’s “findings”, has never said what is clearly visible on the Zapruder film—that Greer fired the fatal head-shot after first turning and firing and accidentally shooting Connally. And Wecht has said that only a handful of “rogue elements" in the Govt did the deed and covered it up— when clearly this was, AND IS, a massive Gov’t operation, with the cover-up continuing to this very day.

Reading even Wikipedia on Wecht can be enlightening. He has had local and federal criminal and civil trials throughout his Coroner or M.E. career— with ultimate victory attained in all state and federal criminal matters. But his last “great escape” from federal clutches is a remarkable tale. Wecht had been indicted on corruption charges of personally profiting from his public job. After the federal trial judge declared a mistrial because the jury was “hung” or deadlocked, a furor arose over the FBI’s subsequent actions. Jurors who voted to acquit Wecht on all charges found that the FBI knew who they were and what they voted “in secrecy” for, and went to their homes to ask about it! Outrage over the FBI’s Gestapo tactics went all the way to Congress and saw plans to go to the Supreme Court. As I have revealed, whether someone is really against the PTB— OR NOT— is often to be found in the use of the Freemasons’ beloved 33. See Spooked’s blog: And, true to form, Wiki lets us know that, “On April 12, 2008, 33 prominent leaders in the Pittsburgh community sent a letter to Attorney General Michael Mukasey and US Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan requesting that the prosecution dismiss the indictment against Dr. Wecht.” And furthermore, “Shortly after the press release of this letter, Senator Arlen Spector also publicly recommended against a retrial for Dr. Wecht. The letter's signers include prominent members of both the Allegheny Republican and Democratic Parties, 9 members of the Allegheny County Council, the former Allegheny County Executive who oversaw Dr. Wecht as county coroner during the indictment period; one of the former U.S. Attorneys for the Western District of Pennsylvania (the position that US Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan now holds); current and former members of the United States Congress, and many prominent lawyers and other members of the Allegheny County community.”

So we see that supposed adversary, “Senator” Arlen Spector, the official mastermind of the Magic Bullet “theory” was called in to aid someone who has denounced this theory in his forensic examination of the evidence! We also see how prominent people in “both” political parties united to ask that charges be dropped against Wecht. In 2009, three years after the trial began, a newly appointed trial judge dismissed most of the evidence as being illegally obtained and the federal prosecutor dropped all charges. And thus, Wecht continues his Teflon-like ability to slip away from all charges. I am not saying he should have ever been convicted. Rather this may be a form of control. Or at an even deeper level, this may all be “show.” It all makes it look like the federal regime is against him. But the use of the 33, and Wecht’s gatekeeping in the Kennedy Assassination are keys here.

Indeed, Wecht’s federal prosecutor, US Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan, whose greatest win may have been her prosecution/persecution of Tommy Chong for selling water pipes, lost her primary bid for a Congressional seat, in the May 2010 primary. This is the same primary that saw Senator Arlen “Magic Bullet” Specter defeated. Buchanan lost by “the surprisingly wide margin of 67% to 33%.” Critics of Buchanan have wondered how she could have been handed the U.S. Attorney job at a young age, and without any great legal background. Curiously she was nominated by Bush just 6 days before 9/11/01, and was confirmed by the Senate, just 3 days after 9/11. Her Wiki page notes that, “Her resume makes no mention of any particular grade point average, class rank or standing, law review experience, or further graduate study beyond the juris doctorate level.” But perhaps I have the answer again? Her birthday of July 25, 1963 has its digits add up to… 33!

Let us return to the 1100 vaporized human beings on 9/11. Trotting out an alleged conspiracy “theorist” (and apparent life-long gatekeeper), to desperately attempt to “explain” away the slip-up from the NYC Medical Examiner that many people were vaporized by— THE ONLY THING THAT COULD HAVE DONE THAT— NUKES, only shows the great fear and extreme need to hide this fact from the People. They clearly fear that the masses might revolt after learning that their “government” nuked thousands of their fellow citizens, and left the China Syndrome in its largest city!

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