Humint Events Online: Was Israel Forced to Act Stupidly in the Flotilla Raid?

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Was Israel Forced to Act Stupidly in the Flotilla Raid?

Clearly the Gaza situation is untenable, and what Israel is doing to those people is a crime against humanity. Still, it's hard to believe a country-- even Israel-- would do such a patently public and obnoxious act as to attack an aid convoy with commandos and kill many people. Was Israel forced by the Powers That Be to commit this atrocity? Otherwise, it doesn't make much sense.

Yes, US politicians act slavishly to Israel, but why do they want to share in this black-eye? Just for political purposes-- for the support of asshole wing of the country? But surely something deeper is going on here, too.

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Blogger nickname said...

"Was Israel forced by the Powers That Be to commit this atrocity?"

YES. Israel had offered to deliver
the aid, but the offer was refused, so who told/ordered the refusal?
Most likely TURKEY. Why? Good question. U.S. probably pressured/bribed Turkey. Probably has to do with plans to attack IRAN.
Maybe to get permission to overfly Turkish air space on way to Iran.

What was Turkey offered in exchange for all that? "Carpet of
gold, or carpet of something less

10:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Partial List of Items Prohibited in the Gaza Strip

Prohibited Items: sage, cardamom, cumin, coriander, ginger, jam, halva, vinegar, nutmeg, chocolate, fruit preserves, seeds and nuts, biscuits and sweets, potato chips, gas for soft drinks, dried fruit, fresh meat, plaster, tar, wood for construction, cement, iron, clucose, industrial salt, plastic/glass/metal containers, industrial margarine, tarpaulin sheets for huts, fabric for clothing, flavor and smell enhancers, fishing rods, various fishing nets, buoys, ropes for fishing, nylon nets for greenhouses, hatcheries and spare parts for hatcheries, dairies for cowsheds, irrigation pipe systems, ropes to tie greenhouses, planters for saplings, heaters for chicken farms, musical instruments, size A4 paper, writing implements, notebooks, newspapers, toys, razors, sewing machines and spare parts.

11:23 AM  
Blogger spooked said...

11:23 AM-- wouldn't it be easier to list what IS allowed in?

12:21 PM  

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