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Monday, July 12, 2010

Other Pumpitout Pentagon Witnesses: Albert Hemphill

Albert Hemphill: So this guy was very emphatic that he saw a plane hit the building, and he had a great spot to see it, from the Navy Annex. Hemphill seemed very sharp, had some plane expertise, very no nonsense-- typical military officer type. He apparently works for the Missile Defense Agency (MDA, a branch of the DOD), and has high security clearance. He is basically "intel" and thus can't really be trusted, as honest as he sounds.

Interesting notes:
a) he confirms a non-official flight path, as he says the plane flew over the Citgo station, not to the south of it.
b) he did some clean-up at the Pentagon, but says he never saw any plane debris-- only "lots of soot" from all the jet fuel.
c) he said the landing gear was definitely up on the plane, in contrast to Sgt. Sepulveda.
d) says plane may have hit one light pole but never saw a cab hit by a pole.
e) says the plane was in a dive then hit some "ground effect" before hitting the building-- not clear what this means exactly, but he can't have had much view of the plane diving in the short space he saw it in-- nor did he have a good angle to see a dive: basically he was looking right down the approach path. I actually can't see the plane diving and then leveling off in such a short distance at such a high speed-- seems more likely it would crash on the ground
f) thinks the plane was going slower than the official speed, more like 350 knots than the official 420 knots
g) says he saw the plane for 3-4 seconds. He was about 1/2 mile away, so if the plane was going 500 mph, that is about right if he saw it the whole way. The problem is he wouldn't have seen it the whole way, not until it came into his line of sight, and caught his attention, where it would have been MUCH closer to the Pentagon, say a third to half way between his office and the Pentagon. Which messes up his timing, and indicates the plane was going slower (his speed of 350 knots (420 mph) actually makes more sense) or that he is mistaken on the timing or that he is making the whole thing up.
h) "coincidentally" Jeff Hill called Hemphill right after Craig Ranke called him. Did Hill have some inside knowledge of Ranke's call?


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