Humint Events Online: On The Issue of Possibly Radoactive Clothes or Boots at Ground Zero, After 9/11

Saturday, September 04, 2010

On The Issue of Possibly Radoactive Clothes or Boots at Ground Zero, After 9/11

By The Anonymous Physicist

There is at least one problem with hosing down clothes or boots that might be radioactive, on workers while they are wearing them. Pressurized hosing could readily kick up particles that the subject might then inhale or ingest. And the worst thing you could do with radionuclides is inhale or ingest them, because they are then in the body emitting their radiation. And if the subject is not wearing some great mask or respirator to prevent inhalation or ingestion, it is defeating the purpose of preventing harm to the subject. Unless there is another purpose. And of course, I hold this murderous regime couldn’t care less about anyone, including responders. But hiding the China Syndrome at the WTC had, AND STILL HAS, their highest priority. (Thus all the bogus nuclear 9/11 theories that don’t give rise to the CSA.)

Regarding boots, we should also not forget that I have cited many responders/witnesses saying how their boots soon needed to be replaced as they were melted. Even dogs had to wear special boots because of the temperature of what they were walking on. And I have long asserted that it was hot, not just in temperature.

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I have written about WTC responder Sgt. Matthew Tartaglia. Some of this is also available here:

When interviewed by Alex Jones, Tartaglia noted that certain areas were off-limits to nearly all responders, and stated or implied that those allowed in certain areas had to be prepared to leave their clothes there when leaving for the day. This makes more sense than hosing down radioactive boots on a subject who is not wearing a special mask. Even penetraton of the skin is an issue with hosing. Of course, there were many non-nuclear toxins present that were harmful to responders, clouding this issue.

The Jones interview is here:

Note also how when Tartaglia opines that only tactical nukes could have done what was done to the WTC, Jones changes the subject, instead of following up. I don’t think he had him on again. Showing how Jones—while purporting to want to take down the US Regime— does everything he can to actually prevent that from happening.

So the scenario from this Anonymous Physicist of what happened after 9/11 would be the following. FEMA or (other) intel agents, knowing what the mass-murdering US regime did to its own people— nuked the WTC and knowingly created a China Syndrome— soon after 9/11, tested to see where radioactive hotspots were. This was also probably done— even on 9/11 itself—from planes and satellites. The radioactive hotspots then were verboten (off-limits)— as best as possible— to most workers. Those that went in, or on, certain areas had to leave their clothes and boots that day. Not because the regime cared about how many responders they would kill, but because this was the only way to keep radioactive evidence from leaving the crime scene.

And kudos to Tartaglia! Sad that his hair and teeth fell out from his radiation exposure. His tactical nukes hypothesis is dead on. And Tartaglia’s “tactical nukes” are not any fanciful, imaginary “fourth generation, pure fusion nukes,” but dependable, small fission nukes! If Jones were not a perp himself, maybe everyone would know about the nuking of the WTC and the subsequent China Syndrome!

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