Humint Events Online: Is Global Warming Bogus?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Is Global Warming Bogus?

I've always been suspicious of the people who promote global warming (GW) skepticism-- and the 33 here along with citing Rush Limbaugh does not change my mind. These people go on triumphantly about a decrease in cyclones going against warming. But as this link shows, the GW argument has been that GW would make tropical storms worse-- more intense-- not necessarily more frequent. A point made in the comments also makes sense to me-- that overall warmer oceans would lessen the temperature differential between the hemisphere, that drives large storms. Obviously weather is hard to predict completely, and I am willing to believe the man-made GW argument is flawed in some ways. However, I also think the argument for man-made GW is strong enough to warrant some reasonable action on the part of people to curb emissions.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

They changed the name from "Global Warming" to Climate change for that very reason. It was a poor attempt to appease everyone which is completely foolish.

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