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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Unnatural Smoke

It's not just the spiraling trails that's unnatural, it's more at the end, with the smoke traveling perfectly horizontally as it exits the towers.

That's just not right.

Actually, Anonymous Physicist has written about this issue before here. As he writes, smoke from a hot fire should be traveling upwards, not straight to the side. This makes me wonder if the smoke was manufactured somehow, and not smoke from a true fire. And every window on the north and west faces shows the same behavior. Granted, strong wind could blow the wind sideways, but the wind isn't that strong, as evidenced by the spiral smoke trails in this video and other smoke puffs emanating.

Clearly, there seems to be fire on the south side of the tower, and note that smoke seems to be going up. But the smoke on the north and west faces is very strange indeed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My article on the smoke anomalies is here:

As most of what I wrote, it remains timely and important.

Some of the comments afterwards also remain timely and important.

The last one (19th I think) is bogus, while appearing to be intelligent. The poster does not know the first thing about vector components which even high school physics teaches. Furthermore his "I can see the wind" is obviously ludicrous--we don't see wind, we see the particles, etc. it carries.

Anonymous Physicist

7:06 AM  

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