Humint Events Online: The Nuking of the WTC by the US Regime Trumps All

Monday, October 04, 2010

The Nuking of the WTC by the US Regime Trumps All

Weird-- Andrew Sullivan, usually pretty good on civil liberties issues and human rights, defends Obama's extra-judicial assassination of US citizens program by starting with a picture of the nuked WTC.

Now, I'm sure Sullivan is intel, at some level, particularly being a Brit reporter/pundit. Sullivan is pretty obnoxious about 9/11, early on defaming the American left for potential treason after 9/11-- but he at least has been very strong against torture and other Bush admin war crimes. Greenwald (who Sullivan) is responding to) is great on torture, anthrax, and speaking out against the war on terror and pointing out hypocrisy of the Democrats, but has been completely silent on 9/11. Conceivably, Greenwald is duly skeptical on 9/11, and keeps quiet on it to maintain more credibility and influence among the reporter/blogger class. Or not. It's hard to know for sure. Despite 9/11 itself being so cnetral to everything he writes about, he never actually really talks about THAT DAY. But to his credit, Greenwald at least doesn't actively disparage 9/11 conspiracies.

Still, the bottom line here is that Sullivan's 9/11 ploy is rather reprehensible.


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