Humint Events Online: Plotter for 2008 Mumbai Attacks Was Active DEA Informant

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Plotter for 2008 Mumbai Attacks Was Active DEA Informant

and the FBI was warned three years back about this guy:
Federal officials acknowledged Saturday that David Coleman Headley, the U.S. businessman who confessed to being a terrorist scout in the 2008 Mumbai attacks, was working as a DEA informant while he was training with terrorists in Pakistan.

Federal officials, who spoke only only on background because of the sensitivity of the Headley case, also said they suspect a link between Headley and the al Qaeda figures whose activities have sparked recent terror threats against Europe.

The revelations came after a report Friday by ProPublica and the Washington Post that the FBI had been warned about Headley’s terrorist ties three years before the Mumbai attacks. Headley wasn’t arrested until 11 months after the attack.

After Headley was arrested in a 2005 domestic dispute in New York City, his wife told federal investigators about his long involvement with the terrorist group Lashkar-i-Taiba and his extensive training in its Pakistani camps. She also told them he had bragged about being a paid U.S. informant while undergoing terrorist training.
Reminiscent of pre-9/11 warnings on the plotters... and there's that 11 again...

UPDATE here (interestingly, this piece was initially put out by MSNBC but was then withdrawn-- my initial link died so I found this reprint): "White House Orders Intelligence Review of Mumbai Attack"--
The White House has ordered a review of U.S. intelligence about an American conspirator involved in the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attack to determine if there was a breakdown in information sharing among U.S. agencies that might have helped identify the suspect before the attack, two administration officials tell NBC.The review, which is being overseen by White House counterterrrorism adviser John Brennan, was triggered by reports over the weekend that two ex-wives of the Mumbai plotter, Pakistani-American David Coleman Headley, had separately reported concerns to U.S. officials that he may have been involved in militant activity in Pakistan, the officials said.

There is a dispute among U.S. agencies about whether all the information provided by the two wives were shared among U.S. law enforcement - and whether it rose to the level that should have prompted a more aggressive inquiry into Headley’s activities. There also could be questions about whether information about Headley should have been passed along to the Indian government prior to the attack.
Love this quote:
The New York Times over the weekend quoted the ex-wife, identified as a Moroccan woman, Faiza Outalha, as telling the U.S. agents: “I told him, he’s either a terrorist, or he’s working for you” and that “I wanted him in Guantanamo.” The U.S. officials failed to express much interest, she added. “Indirectly, they told me to get lost.”
"He's either a terrorist or he's working for you".




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