Humint Events Online: On the Anniversary of the Murder of Intrepid Heroine Karen Silkwood

Saturday, November 13, 2010

On the Anniversary of the Murder of Intrepid Heroine Karen Silkwood

By The Anonymous Physicist

November 13 is the 36th anniversary of the murder of Karen Silkwood, who was a Plutonium processing technician at the Kerr-McGee plant near Crescent, Oklahoma. Silkwood was massively poisoned with Plutonium (Pu-239), apparently via a sandwich in her refrigerator—with all kinds of explanations as to how the Pu-239 got there. But she was not dying quickly enough, and her car was hit from behind while she was driving on an Oklahoma highway on the night of November 13, 1974. She was attempting to meet with a NY Times reporter. I believe OK state troopers lied about the accident, and her stomach contents. Methaqualone (Quaaludes) was allegedly found in her blood. The trooper also claimed he saw marijuana in her car. The amount of Quaalude allegedly also found in her stomach provides an indication that the drug may have been shoved down her throat after she was run off the road. One wonders if the Times, or the AEC that she had earlier testified to, was involved with federal intel agents in her demise? This need not be the case as she would have been heavily surveilled and wiretapped. She wouldn’t have been able to drive if she had that much drugs in her. Eyewitnesses who met her before she drove off, described her having documentation with her, which was not found in her car (naturally.)

Silkwood may have been deliberately poisoned several times, from all I have read, first via altered gloves at the Kerr-McGee plutonium processing plant. In 1979, after a long civil trial, an Oklahoma wrongful death trial jury found for the estate of Silkwood and awarded $505,000 in damages and $10,000,000 in punitive damages. Later a (corrupt) Appellate Court knocked that down to a mere $5,000. Further appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court found for the Silkwood estate (which alas probably would not be the case today), and a new trial was ordered. Kerr-McGee then settled out of court, in 1984, for $1.38 million. At least one defense eyewitness was suicided before she could testify at the first trial. To counter Gov’t radiation experts, the father of the entire field of health physics, Dr. Karl Morgan, PhD was brought in to testify about the truth of Silkwood’s radiation levels. He is known for citing that even one ionizing photon has the capability of leading to cancer. (Something all cancer patients should know.) If I recall correctly, Dr. Morgan disputed the “official” Los Alamos report on Silkwood—she and two co-workers went there for testing shortly before she was murdered—that claimed her radiation levels would not soon be fatal. Morgan stated that they were fatal levels. Also in the first trial, a jury was properly convinced by expert testimony that evidence from the rear of Silkwood’s car proved that it was hit from behind by another vehicle thus causing the accident. The state troopers, and other Oklahoma agencies, ignored or hid this evidence, again likely at the behest of federal American Gestapo agencies.

The MSM, while noting her work regarding safety, mostly leave out that she had ascertained and reported to union reps that a large amount of Plutonium-239 was missing at the Kerr-McGee plant. (Reports vary from about 40 lbs. on up—and that’s only what Silkwood was able to ascertain) As ever, the MSM and internet assets often insert Israel here (without any evidence), instead of the vastly more likely scenario that the U.S. and its British master were proliferating fissile material to whoever they had plans for being the next nuclear powers, with the ever present design of creating flash points to initiate a local, then a global, nuclear holocaust as part of some planned Q-escape. And Israel was already producing plenty Plutonium on its own by then, at Dimona, after getting help from the French and British. As always, flashing of American Intel agency badges—not Mossad, or any other, badges—would get someone into the Kerr-McGee plant, OR THE WORLD TRADE CENTER. I have made it easy to understand control of nuclear matters. I have written on which country’s admiralty has owned, and continues to own, the very patent on all nuclear fission chain reactions, since the 1930’s. But we are talking about a major, diversion Op-Plan here—everything must lead away from London, despite what I have just written in the previous sentence, and in my books.

As the Plutonium disappearance was in 1974, the most likely recipients of the missing Kerr-McGee Pu-239 may have been India, or Pakistan, or South Africa, as all the bogus enemies matter is a ruse; and all governments are controlled by the same PTB. And nuclear proliferation and creating flash points is one of their main Ops. India’s first nuclear bomb was exploded in 1974; it was (code)named “Smiling Buddha.” In addition to the Middle East, the India-Pakistan (controlled) conflict provides a potential flash point for the “Big One.”

The PTB and their MSM have been ruthless regarding Karen Silkwood. First with radioactive poisoning, then running her off the road, and likely killing her then if she survived the “accident.” Then they defamed her with that stupid movie, where she was portrayed by Meryl Streep. The film portrayed Silkwood as a floozie and a flake; but she was actually deeply committed to the health of her co-workers. “Silkwood” was directed by Mike Nichols, currently married to Diane Sawyer. Nichols last film was “Charlie Wilson's War”—an obvious bit of intel agency-created claptrap. One of Nichols earlier films was Catch-22; known to have been significantly altered from the Joseph Heller novel. But that film and book nonetheless revealed—though as Théâtre de l'Absurde—that warring factions were (behind the scenes) in collusion during WWII.

The Silkwood screenplay was written by Nora Ephron and Alice Arlen. It is interesting that Ephron was once married to none other than celebrated Watergate reporter, Carl Bernstein, who has himself been outed as a former Naval Intelligence officer. (I understand that he no longer tries to hide this.) Ephron’s marriage to Bernstein broke up because the latter was having an affair with Margaret Ann Jay (aka Baroness Jay of Paddington)—none other than the daughter of the British Prime Minister James Callaghan. Carl Bernstein, just before working as a journalist or such at the Washington Post, was an ONI officer working under Admiral Moorer, then Chief of Naval Operations. Moorer soon became Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during Nixon’s Watergate unraveling. We still do not know just what Nixon did that led to the PTB booting him out via the whole Watergate and resignation matter. Bill Cooper had revealed, in his book, that when he was a Naval Intelligence officer, word came down from the highest naval authorities to disregard any Nixon order that related to nukes, during Nixon’s last days as President. Cooper immediately realized that the whole constitutional Gov’t thing was a public ruse, and someone else was in charge.

Ultimately Karen Silkwood may have been murdered because she was about to throw a monkey wrench into some design by the PTB. Most likely this was her attempted exposure and interference in the well-hidden but massive (asserted here) proliferation of fissile material. IMO, this continues to this day—to wit the NUCLEAR DESTRUCTION OF THE WORLD TRADE CENTER on 9/11/01. The fissile material for those small fission bombs came from somewhere—and likely an undocumented source. The Kerr-McGee plant was closed in 1975. Its grounds are still being decontaminated.

I, of course, feel a deep kinship with Karen Silkwood, having had mercury placed throughout my home (all well documented with state agencies and my own subsequent lab tests on myself) for but once speaking out that Secret Service driver William Greer killed President Kennedy, decades earlier. I was also assaulted several times, and heavily surveilled and wiretapped as well. My health, life, and finances were destroyed, and hardly anyone seems to want to help me.

This article is dedicated to the memory of Karen Silkwood (February 19, 1946 – November 13, 1974), poisoned with Plutonium by the PTB—most likely perpetrated by American intelligence agency filth— for speaking the truth in furtherance of attempting to help Humanity survive the nuclear monstrosity foisted upon all of us.

Rest in Peace, dear Karen, mother of three small children, and murdered at the young age of 28. You were braver than anyone I have ever known.

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