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Monday, July 18, 2011

Anyone Know If This a Plane Part?

Possibly part of the cargo hold? Or is it a office building component?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

if that is actually from 9/11 then of course it is not a real plane part unless it was planted like the too small engine that somehow landed under a scaffold or the landing gear that somehow made it all the way to the middle of the pentagon.
it looks like small panels of fiberglass insulation contained within a metal lath (screen) that is commonly used in construction for applying plaster onto. if that is really early '70s construction material from the wtc then that lath would not be pristine as it appears. rather, it would have chunks of plaster stuck to it.
i say this is just a load of trash stacked by the side of the road.

12:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Assuming its from 9/11, it's a pre-demolition photo due to the lack of concrete dust and we've no idea how far from the WTC buildings it is.

Agreed that it's placed there - whatever it is - and it is not any part of an aircraft that I recognise.

There is no way it flew in over the ute and landed 'dead' by ducking under the horizontal scaffold support (very top of photo) or leaving any obvious sign of impact on the van or the footpath (impact physics again).

The presence of the scaffolding legs limits the only other way it could have got there being from the building to which the scaffold is affixed.

The way the plastic/paper on the right hamd side is on the photographer side of the scaffold leg also suggests that the 'debris' got placed there from the building side.

Interesting to note that the 'debris' is also just about the right size to fit on the deck of the utility parked at the kerbside and looks light enough for a couple of guys to move on to the ute.

My money is on it being from renovations happening inside the building behind where the photographer is standing.

6:09 AM  
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