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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Didn't Realize Bradly Manning Was Gay Before

here and other revelations. Also here.

Very odd that Manning had Obama admin connections. All data points to Manning being a controlled intel agent, part of a deep psy-op, with a mission we can only guess about.

UPDATE: Reading Manning's wiki profile, there are many similarities with Lee Harvey Oswald: a smart trouble-maker who gets taken in as an Army intelligence analyst, with all warning signs of trouble (apparently) ignored by those in charge.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The theory goes like this:

"Julian Assange" is also gay (the very feminine hair-do and attire, the still-in-the-closet theatrics surrounding this "spy" - all in full public view...).
The reason for the highly publicized episode in which "Assange" was being accused of "rape" or "molestation" of several Swedish women, was to make him "manly" - i.e. to cover up his being gay.
Further - the theory goes - Bradley Manning was lured into his crimes by his, at one time, "gay lover" - "Assange" (they knew each other personally has apparently been established(?)); with "Assange" likely promising Manning that he had "connections" that would get Manning off the hook if caught.
Well, didn't work out so well for Manning, but "Assange" got everything he wanted -the "secret" docs; and he got off the "rape" charges - all while - somehow traveling all over the world, staying in fine hotels, getting a more "non gay" look with plenty of slick publicity photos, endless public appearances and concocted adoration, etc.
Well, espionage is a disgusting world, so all of above theory is very plausible IMO.

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