Humint Events Online: Some Problems with Vaccines

Friday, July 01, 2011

Some Problems with Vaccines

Just a few examples:

Contamination of some vaccines with SV40 virus, which can cause cancer.

HIV infection of the human population is likely to have started from contaminated Hepatitis B vaccine.

The flu vaccine is a total scam.

The anti-HPV vaccine Gardasil, is being forced upon young girls, with the result that it is causing more disease than it is preventing.

The smallpox vaccine is a fraud. Many other sources are easily found.

Thus, many vaccines have questionable or no real efficacy, they can cause terrible side-effects or even the same disease they are trying to stop, and they represent an opportunity for the PTB to inject god-knows-what into people. Certainly, they can be used to poison people with mercury and there is of course some indication that may be causing some of the increase in autism in young children who are forced to get large numbers of vaccines as they grow.

That being said, I think the immunological principle of vaccination is sound, and there appear to be vaccine success stories (e.g. Hepatitis B). But for the most part, the risks of vaccinations outweigh the benefits.

Importantly, for the most part, health against disease can be maintained by good sanitary practices and good nutrition.

UPDATE: Certainly disturbing that computer tycoon and plutocrat Bill Gates is on a mission to vaccinate every child on the planet.


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