Humint Events Online: Was 9/11 a Thirty Year Conspiracy?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Was 9/11 a Thirty Year Conspiracy?

This interview with Phil Jayhan and Larry McWilliams is quite interesting--

In the first part, they play a tape of 9/11 Commissioner Bob Kerrey saying 9/11 was a thirty year conspiracy that won't be brought to justice.

They also make the really interesting point, that has a lot of logic to it, that if you're asking lots of people to be involved in perpetrating the 9/11 false-flag attacks, and the planning is going on for 30 years, then it's a lot easier to convince people to do it if they think the victims are going to be fake people, rather than real Americans.

Now, I have long thought that the PTB would not hesitate to kill large numbers of Americans if they thought it was for the common good. Isn't that what happens in wars, after all?

But I have to admit that not everyone who might be needed to run 9/11 would be so inclined to partake in mass murder of American citizens.

Thus, it makes sense these people could be convinced to stage a fake mass murder.

A related third possibility is that many people were tricked into doing 9/11 on the premise that the deaths would be fake, when actually it did involve real people.

A fourth possibility is that there were some fake victims for 9/11, used to trick some perps, but that many other victims were indeed real. I actually prefer this possibility since that there is reasonable evidence for some fake people in 9/11, but at the same time, it is too far fetched for me to say that EVERY 9/11 victim was fake.

In general, I don't like to promote the idea of fake people on 9/11, because if there were real people killed, what could be more disrespectful to that person's memory than saying that someone never even existed?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most of the people that were murdered were in the towers. That may not necessarily have been the plan. Explosions could have blocked exits. People could have been overcome by smoke. So the people that were complicit in these murders may not have thought so many people would be killed.

3:19 AM  
Anonymous muebles en pinto said...

The dude is totally right, and there is no suspicion.

4:03 AM  

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