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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Trials and Tribulations in the News-- Along with My Analyses.

By The Anonymous Physicist , Copyright 2011. All Rights Reserved

The trials of old or new celebrities serve many functions for the PTB. They act as diversions to keep the masses concerned with things other than what they should be. And with the particulars of each such trial, there are often various messages, if you know how to look.

The murder of Meredith Kercher occurred in Perugia, Italy, on November 1, 2007. Kercher, aged 21, was a British exchange student. She was sexually assaulted and stabbed several times. Some of her belongings were stolen. Rudy Guede, a resident of Perugia, was convicted on October 28, 2008 of the rape and murder of Kercher. He is a citizen of Côte d'Ivoire [formerly the Ivory Coast] in West Africa. Shortly before Kercher's murder, he was arrested in Milan after breaking into a nursery school to sleep there. Police found him holding an 11-inch knife.

But Seattle exchange student, Amanda Knox has become a celebrity in this case. She was set free on October 3, 2011, at the conclusion of the Appelate Court’s ruling, after being found guilty originally, three years earlier. A flatmate of Kercher’s, her actions on the night in question, and ever since, are strange. She supposedly took a shower with Meredith’s blood all over the place that night. Where she was or was not when the police arrived has changed. Questions arise as to why the very pretty Knox was so frequently seen smiling during her first trial. Some ask why her defense counsel did not advise against that. I would put it otherwise. Even though only 18, at the time, the circumstances would make most sternly endure the trial, without showing any signs of humor or joy. I would ask whether she was told to smile?… That is, perhaps she was told she would be “found” innocent by the PTB, who were lying to her. Is she and her family connected to some secret society and/or intel agency? Could the plan have involved a guilty finding in the first stage, with the later finding of innocence? The “foxy Knoxy”—as the media labeled her during the first trial—is now said to soon be a multi-millionaire for upcoming interviews, book and movie rights. DNA insufficiency and/or police tampering was cited in the Appellate court’s ruling to free Knox and Sollecito.

Now is this murder a simple matter, with Guede “merely” an evil person who acted alone to rape and/or steal? Or were Knox and her convicted, and now acquitted, Italian boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, involved in some ritualistic rape, or otherwise acted in collusion? The Italian prosecutor had alleged that this was a satanic, ritualistic rape. On one hand, I say it is good to publicize such things, as such affairs are almost never publicly proclaimed by Govt authorities. Of course, the final outcome may indicate that the purpose was to cast doubt on the existence of such matters all along, given the final ruling. Guede certainly knows what happened. Curiously his sentence was reduced from 30 to 16 years on appeal. Why, if he is guilty, was his sentence reduced?

There are many who believe Knox is really guilty, and many who think she was framed regarding DNA evidence. I have not studied this enough to make up my mind. But Knox changed her story at least 3 times, allegedly lying and saying that her former employer, Diya “Patrick” Lumumba did it. She was convicted of lying about this, and was sentenced to several years in jail for that, which was upheld by the Appellate Court, which ruled that the time she already served was sufficient for that sentence.

Diya "Patrick" Lumumba, some internet sources claim, is the grandson of assassinated Congo leader Patrice Lumumba. The latter was a Congolese independence leader and the first elected Prime Minister of the Republic of the Congo, after he helped win its independence from Belgium in June 1960. Lumumba was tortured and murdered on January 17, 1961. He had been a beer salesman until shortly before becoming a rebel leader and then Prime Minister. While the Belgians granted independence to the Congo officially, they set things up, á la Great Britain, for continual 2-party conflict from the beginning, with a President who opposed Lumumba to co-rule.

To his credit, Lumumba gave a remarkable speech when “King” Leopold III was addressing the first assembly of the new nation, and praised his father’s rule over the Congo. Lumumba set him straight in his own following speech, against recommendations to go along. The Belgians were immensely evil, in fact, in the rule and rape of the people and country of the Congo for some 80 years. The Congo continues to be beset with war, strife, and mass murder and rape. Some allege that the PTB are involved due to the abundance of rare earth minerals used in cell phones and such. This may be true. Or it may be deeper. I would always say “look at the Uranium…”

I have not been able to verify if Diya "Patrick" Lumumba is indeed the grandson of Patrice Lumumba as sources allege. If so, it is fascinating and possibly related. And may tie in with the prosecution’s charge that a “satanic” rape was involved with the death of Kercher. People—and their families—who are allowed, or made, to rule any country often have some connection to the PTB, bloodlines, and such.

Then we come to the Conrad Murray, M.D trial in the death/murder of Michael Jackson. I have previously written my conclusion that Murray is a life-long asset of one of the secret societies and British intel agencies. And that the latter had overall command of the assassination of Jackson. Recall the EMT dispatch operator had a 33 in his ID #. And I cited the author— Ian Halperin—who wrote six months prior, predicting that MJ would be dead to within a day of the day he died. So MITOP! Halperin has been a favorite of the London papers. Halperin claimed that he knew that MJ had severe, genetic lung disease that was about to kill him. During the current trial, Lou Ferrgino testified MJ was physically well and fit. So Halperin got the cause all wrong, even though the date was correct to within 24 hours!

Some interesting things have come out so far during the trial. Murray, in his interview with detectives actually claimed he was trying to wean MJ off of Propofol and drugs. All Murray’s actions indicate he made MJ into a drug addict. Proper medical care for someone who has trouble going to, or staying, asleep is to first get the person tested for sleep apnea (polysomnograph). If sleep apnea is found, then there are various remedies including CPAP/BiPaP breathing devices, dental appliances, surgery, etc—depending on whether obstructive or central sleep apnea is found. Sleep apnea is a very common illness, especially in the over 40 crowd. But many jerks with medical degrees serve only as drug pushers, and never look for causative factors.

But in the MJ case, it is clear Murray made a severe drug addict out of Jackson, although there may also have been others before him who did likewise. Or maybe not, at least to that great extent. Jackson had previously been doing some holistic things, as evidenced by his seeing the holistic nurse practitioner, Cherlilyn Lee. One online tabloid has stated that some very incriminating evidence was found in a locker in Las Vegas where Murray hid Propofol and other evidence. Curiously the article said, Murray had stopped paying for renting the locker, and so the owner opened it, and gave the evidence to the police. It looks like Murray or his handlers set him up on that one.

Murray has been caught in many lies now. There are differing timelines as to whether he waited 20 minutes, all the way up to an hour and 20 minutes before getting someone to call for an ambulance, after MJ’s crisis began. All the while he had his own cell phone, and was calling girlfriends—perhaps an alibi ruse. The EMTs who arrived wanted to call this as a DOA, but Murray prevented that. Jackson was already cold and gone. Murray saw to that, it is asserted here. I have stated that the overdose was deliberate, and that Murray did nothing to try to save Jackson, until he was irretrievably gone. Then he put on an act of doing CPR, getting others to call an ambulance etc.

I have said that Murray should also have been charged with premeditated murder, as I believe this was a planned assassination. Some of MJ’s family have said likewise, and some screaming fans say that everyday outside the court, as the defense attorneys leave. So the whole plan appears to be that their agent Conrad Murray will be found guilty of a far lesser charge than what he is really guilty of, and will serve a small sentence, then book and movie deals etc. MJ was killed probably for starting to reveal too much about the PTB and what he went through—as a young sex slave given over by his father.

The most blatant case here of secret society control of the general society may be that of

Rebecca Zahau. She was a Burmese-born 32-year-old woman discovered dead on July 13, 2011, in a historic mansion in Coronado, California. She was the attractive girlfriend of Medicis Pharmaceutical CEO Jonah Shacknai, age 54. Zahau's death occurred two days after Shacknai's 6-year-old son Max fell from a staircase banister in the same mansion. San Diego Sheriff Bill Gore announced on September 2, 2011 that Zahau's death was a suicide, and ruled Max Shacknai's death was an accident, and that neither was the result of foul play. Zahau's family members vigorously dispute the suicide contention.

Zahau had been previously married, but dated Shacknai for several years before getting divorced in 2011, and Wiki reports that she had a previous conviction for shoplifting $1,000 worth of jewelry from a department store. Jonah Shacknai, Wiki states was involved in numerous instances of domestic violence against, or with, his second wife, Dina Romano, according to Arizona police records.

Zahau's teenage sister Xena was there when Max Shacknai fell on July 11. Wiki says, Max died on July 16 due to “brain damage caused by oxygen deprivation resulting from his injuries. However, a trauma doctor who examined Max stated to police that he did not believe Max's visible injuries from his fall were consistent with the cardiac arrest and brain swelling experienced by him, and suggested that Max may have suffocated prior to his fall. On July 12, the day before her death, Zahau went to the airport to drop off her 13-year old sister for her flight back to Missouri, and then picked up Shacknai's brother Adam Shacknai, who had just arrived on a flight from Memphis.

Adam Shacknai stated that he found Zahau nude, hanging from a balcony, with her wrists and ankles tied with electrical wiring, at roughly 6:45 AM on the morning of July 13. He called 911 at 6:48 AM, and then sent a text message to his brother to inform him of the news. He cut the body down prior to police's arrival, so they did not see it hanging.

The autopsy found tape residue on Zahau’s legs, and four unexplained instances of head trauma. This did not stop the suicide “finding.” Zahau’s family is vehement that Rebecca loved life and would never have killed herself. The binding of the hands and feet, the shaming nude corpse, and footprints not properly analyzed all point to a malicious murder. Furthermore a neighbor has come forward and said that twice he called police to report a woman screaming in that house that night, and that the police blew him off.

This one is clearly a murder and cover-up by authorities. The PTB helped make Shacknai’s start-up pharmaceutical company into a wealthy enterprise. Note the name “Medicis.” This is the kind of thing that involves membership in a secret society, and also intel agency involvement. While the CIA usually gets credit for such involvement, the foul NSA is perhaps more often involved in making secret society higher ups very wealthy. The NSA is some 10 times larger than the CIA. I have revealed the NSA’s main raison d’etre is electronic code breaking so as to attempt to disable the Quarantine. But they are involved in all sorts of foul play all over the world, and inside the USA, despite former protestations that this wasn’t the case—until the “Patriot Act.”

The best articles on the Zahau murder and cover-up have been at Do not be judgmental at its tabloid nature. In the USA, some of the tabloid’s and their authors, have a history of being more honest and dedicated to uncovering the truth of what goes on than all the phony MSM “journalists” put together. The murder of Dorothy Kilgallen and her assistant—via “suicide”—after DK interviewed Jack Ruby, is but one instance of this. The “gossip reporter” said she was going to blow Johnson and the new Govt out of the water [or words to that effect] just before her murder.

The Globe, issue of March 17, 1992 printed enlarged photos showing SS agent William Greer firing the fatal head shot that killed President Kennedy. They even were able to show some gun exhaust in one photo. Did the Globe, and its staff or publisher pay a great price for revealing the true killer of President Kennedy? In 2001, after 9/11, the offices of American Media in Boca Raton, Florida, were allegedly attacked with anthrax. A photo editor, Robert Stevens, with The Sun, the sister publication to the Globe, died from exposure to it, and the building was sealed for three years. His wife, Maureen Stevens, is suing the government for lax security. She states that DNA testing would prove the particular strain used in this attack comes from the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) at Fort Detrick. The case has been held up on grounds of “national security.” (Naturally.)

Let’s get back to the nefarious NSA, which intercepts all of our communications, and has done so since its founding—with military intel agencies doing that previously. Curiously if you type illuminati backwards (itanimulli), and add .com to it, your browser will take you to the NSA’s website. Why is that?

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