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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Terror from Above

Typical BS from the govt:
A human rights lawyer and a group of investigative journalists who have exposed the extensive civilian casualties from CIA drone strikes in Pakistan are being smeared by anonymous U.S. government officials, who have even accused them of being sympathetic to al Qaeda.

Two of the anonymous accusations came in articles in The New York Times, despite the paper's own rules against personal attacks by unnamed sources.

Pakistani human rights attorney Shahzad Akbar and the London-based Bureau of Investigative Journalism (BIJ) say the campaign is intended to deter mainstream news organizations from reporting that the White House is lying about how many innocent people are being killed by the drone strikes.

President Obama's top terrorism adviser John O. Brennan recently contended that civilian deaths were "exceedingly rare." The BIJ, though, puts total drone deaths in Pakistan since 2004 at between 2,440 and 3,113, and they say between 479 and 821 of the dead were civilians, including 174 children. Drone attacks in Pakistan have dramatically increased since Obama took office: President Bush was responsible for 52; Obama for 270 and counting.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's bad enough that they don't know how many innocents have been murdered by desentitised joystick wielding pawns of the psychopathic planetary controllers but the real issue is that these are US drones flying over another sovereign state and firing on that population. That is an act of war - and yet the US has not declared war against Pakistan!

But then again, the US believes it does not need to declare war in it's war of terror against whomsoever it takes a dislike to.

It wont be long before these nutters are let loose on home soil and the 'mopping up on the ground' will be done by other NATO forces because the US is busy chasing peasants in Yemen, Somalia, Uganda - and soon, the rest of Africa.

3:28 AM  

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