Humint Events Online: Obama's Drones: from Truth to Snark

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Obama's Drones: from Truth to Snark

The first paragraph is good, however each subsequent paragraph becomes more and more detached from meaningful, coherent criticism:
With all the attacks on his leadership from the professional left, it’s all too easy to forget that Barack Obama is by far the most liberal president in American history. From permitting gays to serve openly in the military to saying they should even be allowed to get married, the president has deftly tied his most progressive policies to America’s most reactionary institutions, upholding the long liberal tradition of making the status quo more sustainable, its excesses more subtle. But to the outraged left, helping Americans isn’t enough. He’s supposed to concern himself with the lives of foreigners, too.

As progressive pundit Joy Reid wryly observes, the effeminate anti-Obama purists are at such pains to attack this president that they’re forced to spend more time condemning what goes on outside America than the reforms he’s talked about instituting within it. Indeed, Reid notes they’re the sort that, at a loss to explain record corporate profits — bye bye, Bush recession — turn to arguing “the government’s use of drones and waging of covert wars and the drug war are the most pressing problems facing the planet.”

If you can stomach the toxicity, just consider the implicit Birtherism: that President Obama should be more concerned about non-Americans than registered American voters, as if he’s not even American himself. And consider the classism and misogyny. Amid a GOP-led war on women, the privileged far left would have us believe protecting the life of some impoverished stay-at-home Buzkashi mom is as vital as safeguarding a successful, independent American woman’s access to subsidized birth control — that a Madeleine Albright or Hillary Rodham Clinton are no more important than some willfully oppressed third-worlder in a burka.
... and it goes on and on... still worth a read-- though the most important bit is in the first paragraph: Obama is very liberal in some ways, and thus makes some truly heinous policies acceptable to the left and thus to all of Americans, since the right doesn't give a shit about killing foreigners.

A more serious analysis of the inhumanity of Obama's drone was is here.


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No difference between Obama and Romney.

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