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Friday, November 16, 2012

Lame Gazan Rockets Leading to a Bigger War, More Slaughter

This is bad:
"As Hamas rockets fly, Israel moves toward ground invasion of Gaza Strip"
JERUSALEM — Israel prepared Friday for for a possible ground invasion of the Gaza Strip as Hamas militants continued to lob rockets into Israel, and one of them landed near Jerusalem for the first time since 1970.
The rocket strikes outside Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Israel’s main population centers, sharply raised the stakes in the ongoing standoff between Israel and Gaza’s Hamas rulers, providing sobering evidence that Palestinian militants possess weaponry that can strike deeper inside Israel than ever before. In particular, the strike on Jerusalem — a city both Israelis and Palestinians claim as their capital — was viewed as a major provocation that made an Israeli ground invasion seem ever more likely.
Rockets from Gaza hit Southern Israel on Friday, one day after rocket fire from Palestinian militants killed three Israelis. Israel offered a brief truce while Egyptian Prime Minister Hesham Kandil visited Gaza Friday, but it crumbled quickly as Gaza continued to launch rockets across the border and Israel retaliated with airstrikes.
While Israeli officials maintained that they did not seek war, the intent to send a loud warning to Hamas was evident. By nightfall, the Israeli military said it had closed three roads leading to Gaza, in a further sign of a possible ground invasion, and a spokesman said paratroopers and infantry soldiers were in southern Israel awaiting orders from political leaders.
Note-- three Israelis, three roads... 3 3

This WashPost video of the rocket damage shows how incredibly lame the rockets are.

Screencaps (click to embiggen):
The rocket went in through a window?
Messy, but hardly devastating.
Oh no-- it cracked the windshield and knocked off the sun shield!

What the heck is this supposed to be?  The rocket dug a small hole and threw bricks inside?

To the extent they are even real, these rockets basically seem to be nothing more than hurled pieces of pipe.  Hardly something to start a war over.

Meanwhile, from some obnoxious right-wing Facebook site (check out the comments to fully appreciate):

At the same time, the Palestinians are getting slaughtered by high-tech US weaponry.

Why does the New York Times start to sound like a teenage girl’s Facebook page whenever Israel gets into its next war? “You guys, Israel has it tough. That battlefield is changing, and the world is growing more dangerous. Leave Israel alone!”
... I do know that that the minute Israel is involved in any military action, every US media outlet drops the guise of skeptical reporting and goes more all-in than some Israeli newspapers. That leaves me reading the Guardian, Al-Jazeera English and Haaretz to try to at least hear what Hamas has to say, and to see a few images of the hell that’s being rained down on the other side of the fence.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hamas militants continued to lob rockets into Israel, and one of them landed near Jerusalem for the first time since 1970.

the qassam rocket has a range of about 8 miles. since jerusalem is a good 40 miles from gaza, it is unlikely that any rocket fired by hamas would land near there. plus, hamas would probably not want to anger the western world by hitting a christian church.
i submit that any rocket that lands near jerusalem would be a false flag attack perpetrated by the israelis themselves.

2:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

More Israelis die from peanut allergies than Hamas rockets. The adverts used in the USA and around the world use computer generated images ( CGI ) Israeli death count from 2000-2008: 18 from Hamas rockets versus 258 deaths from peanuts.

Israel's Lies that Deceive the World: Hamas' Rockets are a Hoax

2:21 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

good comments-- thanks

10:30 AM  

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