Humint Events Online: When I Heard Bill O'Reilly Wrote a Book on the Death of JFK, I Figured It Would Be Bad

Monday, December 17, 2012

When I Heard Bill O'Reilly Wrote a Book on the Death of JFK, I Figured It Would Be Bad

I had no idea it would be THIS BAD.

What a mother fucking asshole shill. 

I wish there was a hell so he could rot in it.

Besides the obvious opportunity to cash in, what is the book’s purpose? It seems to be to re-sell the Warren Commission Report’s initial assessment of the assassination to a new audience in a new millennium, except in an abridged version, jazzed up with some novelistic writing and some juicy tales of extramarital sex.
This book upholds every dubious central tenet of the Warren Report. It says that Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed Kennedy by himself; that Jack Ruby then marched down the Main Street ramp of the Dallas Police station and killed Oswald alone and unaided; and that neither man knew each other or was part  of a larger conspiracy.
In other words, even though 4 million pages of material have been declassified since 1964, none of this matters in the least to O’Reilly and Dugard. In Killing Kennedy, the Warren Commission got it right way back then and the hundreds of trenchant and book-length critiques of its faulty investigation aren’t worth considering.
Indeed, one of the most startling things about the O’Reilly/Dugard book is its heavy reliance on the Warren Report because, since 1964, there have been other major official inquiries that have shown that the Warren Commission was not just a flawed inquiry, but that it was deprived of crucial information. With important pieces of the puzzle missing, the commission’s conclusions were surely questionable.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Killing Kennedy" is fiction. 100% fiction.

It is known that the so-called Zapruder film was altered, the body was altered prior to the start of the official autopsy, many of the autopsy photos and Xrays aren't authentic, Ruby did not want to have to shoot Harvey Oswald - and called LEO the night before he did so, warning them that Oswald's life would be in danger if he was transferred from the DPD jail the next morning, and MOST interestingly of all, there was two Oswalds - Lee, who helped frame Russian-speaking Harvey. Just Google "Harvey and Lee" to learn more about the incredible, thoroughly documented research of John Armstrong, who has proven to a near 100% certainty, that the CIA
merged two peoples' identities into one; Lee Harvey Oswald.

O'Reilly would be ashamed, if he weren't a shill for The Company, and a traitor to the truth and to history,

11:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

but does the book have any mention of the infamous 'flagman'? LOL

11:43 AM  

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