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Saturday, March 02, 2013

"The Power of Nightmares"

This BBC2 series is several years old now, and while I had heard a lot about it a few years back, I only just now watched it. It gives some good historical background on Neoconservatives and Islamic fundamentalism.

So key points from the series:
1) Neoconservatives are fucking war mongering assholes
2) Neoconservatives are fucking idiots in terms of political philosophy
3) Neoconservatives no qualms about lying to the public, creating a false reality and in using the Big Lie technique.

4) Islamic fundamentalists, like most religious fanatics, are brainwashed idiots
5) Al Qaeda is a total fiction-- it was basically invented by a captive Islamist and promoted by US prosecutors to make a racketeering case against the African embassy bombers in 1998.

It is impressively skeptical against the war on terror, for its time back in 2004.  Interestingly, this show must have really freaked out the PTB, as the show really pulls back the curtain on manipulating the masses and then unfortunately  makes a big deal how unlikely an attack on Britain is.  So in 2005, there were the 7/7 London bombings.  I have to think that attack was set up in part to counter the skepticism that was promoted by the show.


Blogger Muddy Walters said...

I know you've been dismissive of Sibel Edmonds in the past, and I understand why, I think. I thought I would point out these interviews dealing with Gladio Plan B, in case you had missed them. These are some of the most informative conversations I've heard from Edmonds and Corbett together:

(Yes, if there were no planes and the WTC was taken out by unconventional means of some sort, then this doesn't have a whole lot to say about 9/11, but it's awfully good background on how things work in general with cover action (etc.), and it speaks to possible motives for 9/11. Anyway, it's of interest int its own right, and isn't really framed as particularly being about 9/11. I'm just trying to head of potential criticism.)

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