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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Greenwald/Snowden Bashing

So, Sibel Edmonds, James Corbett and Kevin Ryan-- all major limited hangout artists, have recently started going after Glenn Greenwald. The NSA/Paypal link to Greenwald, of course, is kind of disturbing, and there has long been reason to doubt how honest Greenwald is. The Snowden incident is also very fishy, as we all know.  But, it's kind of funny that even people like Edmonds and Ryan are going after Greenwald.


1) Greenwald and Snowden are so obviously a psyop that even limited hangout artists can see it, so we can trust Edmonds and Corbett and Ryan on this.

2) That limited hangout artists are going after Greenwald and Snowden makes some deep conspiracy people think that this is a psyop to distrust Greenwald and Snowden, making the deep conspiracy people more likely to believe Greenwald and Snowden are legit.

3) Greenwald and Snowden and Edmonds and Corbett and Ryan are all corrupt limited hangout intel agents and can't be trusted about anything.

4) Edmonds and Corbett and Ryan are nicely deflecting attention away from what the NSA is doing onto Greenwald and Snowden, which is what the government would like.

5) Best to pick and choose what info to believe and not trust one particular person over another.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you're a little crazy, but I think it's good to be skeptical. We need to keep an eye on results. Greenwald and Wikileaks have upset the status quo. They are generating news stories from outside of the establishment about how corrupt the establishment is. They are important fighters for the 99% right now and top enemies of the 1%. No one is perfect and Assange and Greenwald have both made mistakes (particularly Assange), but their mission is critical. It is crucial that we support that mission while at the same time recognizing their mistakes and criticizing them when appropriate. They already have a strong record of taking on the establishment, so I am reasonably confident that they will continue to, but people are right to always keep a close watch on anyone wielding significant power.

10:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've said it before (maybe under an actual name) but I don't think you give Edmonds enough credit. Those Gladio B interviews are pretty potent, and to me her comments on 9/11 have gradually made it obvious that she thinks the (U.S.) government approved the operation. (Whether she still thinks or pretends to think actual hijackers were involved, I don't know.)

Greenwald wouldn't even allow discussion of 9/11 in the comments of his Salon blog, so for that and other reason I do tend to give Edmonds more credit. But maybe you are right that by focusing on the psy op angle, they intentionally detract from the NSA.

I'm quite sure I don't have it all figured out.

7:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One thing that's been bugging me is the way Edmonds can't seem to hide her distaste for Greenwald's being gay, referring to David Miranda as Greenwald's "wife," and some other things of that sort. Edmonds often comes off as a bit of a prude.

(These are just annoyances, not substantive complaints with the core of her commentary.)

3:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

9/11 is the litmus test - one is either part of the cover-up or not.

sibel edmonds pretends that 19 muslims high-jacked 4 jumbo jets and destroyed the wtc with 2 of them. greenwald won't even discuss the issue. both are established shills for the official fairytale.

wikileaks? niggers please. what has wikileaks actually leaked?

what the fuck happened to WTC 6?

9:44 AM  

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