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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

The Pro-Vaccine Propaganda Is Strong Lately

Seeing pieces like this all over now, plus they bring up this tragic story of the kid who had meningitis and then horrible amputations, to really make people feel guilty.

More here, here, here, here. Thinkprogress is the worst-- really makes me rethink being a liberal... but Mother Jones is also pathetic. 

This comment, posted at the first linked MotherJones piece, really echoes my own thoughts lately:
It's remarkable that a magazine which focuses on corporate pathology and regales us with stories every issue of corporate malfeasance and captive regulatory failure would run an insulting piece of garbage like this vaccine rant...

The most remarkable thing about the vaccine issue is the number of liberal minded people who are ordinarily highly skeptical of the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA, and who believe that huge swaths of our institutions and politics are broken, corrupt and pathological, yet then they succumb with complete unthinking compliance to the out of control vaccine industry and its lies and greed.

This is the exact same industry which is of course run by the very same pathological craven drug firms and captive feckless FDA that media like Mother Jones is usually exposing. These industry hacks and government bureaucrats are the same people who proclaim that fracking is safe, that GMO food safe, that pesticides are safe, that cigarettes are safe, and on and on.

As a matter of fact, today's leader on this web site is a story about broken science and phony claims of safety of BPA. Can one of you outraged vaccine drones explain why the vaccine industry is immune from the corruption and madness that has infected EVERY OTHER ASPECT OF PUBLIC LIFE?

How many of you eat organic, avoid GMOs, clean with vinegar mixes, and oppose fracking? Don't you know that you are ill-informed: science has told us you are wasting your time. The government has blessed all of this. You foolish Luddites opposing fracking just because some celebrity told you to do it. Science has spoken: there is not one case of fracking causing contamination. It is SAFE, thousands of feet underground forever. The fracking chemicals are simple ingredients found in many kitchen cabinets. By opposing fracking, you are making us less secure and killing jobs. By opposing GMOs, you are literally starving millions of small African children. You are all selfish
misinformed liberal kooks, and you should be forced to have a gas well in your backyard and eat GMO corn every day before you endanger us all with your stubborn refusal to do what you are told by a government that knows best.

The list of failed efforts to control fraud and prevent serial contamination crisis's by the FDA is legion. The legacy of flat-out sociopathic malfeasance by the drug industry is documented fact. These are the people who are killing us and the earth, yet they get a free pass on vaccines.

Despite all of this, for some mysterious reason, the same people who have legitimate doubts about corporate claims and regulatory effectiveness (and who often opt out of the corporate system in as many ways as possible), will then line up and get their shots without question. Talk about the people in need of some forced reeducation.

The government's very real history of crimes and madness in secret involuntary public medical experiments, in covering up toxic dangers, and enabling corporate poisoning of the population ought to be understood by Mother Jones. I cannot imagine why anyone with even a modest understanding of our broken government and its pathological track
record would blindly entrust it (and its drug company partners) and inject their infant children with an ever-growing list of chemical compounds, in vain hopes of creating a risk free world, somehow magically without consequence.

It's you fear-addled sheep who are endangering us all with your blind compliance, misplaced faith in drug companies/FDA, and calls for public shaming and forced mandatory vaccines for everyone like some Terry Gilliam totalitarian dystopia. It is you who are spreading the hysteria.

One problem with the pro-vaccine crowd is that they are forced into an absurd position of arguing that vaccines are completely safe and do not cause any problems, when they are clearly not.

To be clear, I am not really anti-vaccine, I think they serve some use, but they need to be used judiciously. At the same time, I think it is reasonable to think that too many vaccinations can be a problem and there is some evidence for this too.

Mostly, I can't stand the pro-vaccine crowd lately-- their arguments are not that strong once you get past the emotional bullying of how people who don't vaccinate their kid are endangering everyone else and plus, amputations. Uggh.

By the way, what about these doctors who amputate a kids' arms and legs as a life-saving measure and then expect the parents to deal with the horrible consequence? The pain and suffering such a child must go through has got to be unbearable. Is it really worth saving that sort of life? Personally, I would rather die than lose my arms and legs.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, that post was really good.

5:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are so clueless about the fracking issue, that I really can't take anything you say seriously. 243 in Pennsylvania alone, loser.

8:13 AM  

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