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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

MH370 to MH17

I must say I like the "kooky konspiracy theory" that the "shotdown" flight MH17 was really flight MH370, and all the bodies were dead for some time before the crash.  There was actually an early report that the rebels that found the wreckage said the bodies were already decomposed when they got to them right after the crash. Why make up something so crazy? But the other thing is it's just a perfect plot, so crazy it just could be true, that flight 370 was hijacked an held at some secret base, for the opportune time to be crashed in Ukraine, as part of a false-flag operation to 1) distract from the Israel razing of Gaza, and 2) spark further tensions with Russia.

The more mundane conspiracy explanation is that it really was MH370 and purposefully diverted into the rebel area, in the hope it would be shot down by stupid rebels, or was shot down by Ukrainians themselves.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

MH17 was really the still missing MH370?
that is very unlikely - malaysian airlines would have to be involved in that plot from top to bottom. fake passenger lists, fake grieving relatives, etc.
although israel was reported to have an identical boeing 777 to MH370 complete with malaysian airline's markings on it parked at their airport right after 370 went missing.

anyway what religion does israel and the new rulers of ukraine, who shot down MH17, have in common?
hmm. and they wonder why they are despised world-wide.

11:49 AM  

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