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Thursday, September 11, 2014

10 Years of 9/11 Anniversaries Here

Here is the 9/11/2004 post.
I didn't put up a specific post for 2005.
Here is the 9/11/2006 post.
Here is the 9/11/2007 post.
Here is the 9/11/2008 post.
Here is the 9/11/2009 post (lots of pics).
Here is the 9/11/2010 post. 
Here is the 9/11/2011 post (essay by A.P.).
Here is the 9/11/2012 post.
Here is the 9/11/2013 post.  

9/11 is still an outrage, but viewed over the perspective of time, it was just part of a larger outrage of the evil things the PTB are capable of doing. 9/11 was bad, and inspired a lot of death, but wars are worse and they go on and on. Governments have a special talent for creating pretexts for war.

Is real justice possible for 9/11? I doubt it.

The best we might get is public mockery and widespread disbelief, kind of like with the JFK assassination. And government shills will will never die, it seems.

All we can do is be ambassadors for the truth, and repositories for real history, and pass it on. I always try to be optimistic about our future, and I feel as if in these seemingly fucked up days, we are inching towards greater honesty.

But for now, mockery.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

good post! - "sword of truth": remember when the only leg they had to stand on was to mock us.
they finally gave up, probably because they knew our efforts were futile.

1:32 PM  
Blogger spooked said...


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