Humint Events Online: On The 10 Year Anniversary of the British American Regime’s Nuking of the World Trade Center and New York City

Monday, September 12, 2011

On The 10 Year Anniversary of the British American Regime’s Nuking of the World Trade Center and New York City

By The Anonymous Physicist

I will give my comments on this as I watch across the internet, and see the usual double Op-Plan in action. That is what I have called the coordinated actions by the PTB of having the MSM do something along with some simultaneous co-action across the internet, as part of the same Psy-Op.

When 9/11 first occurred, I presumed it was a US Govt action because of all that I already knew about conspiracy matters. Having already suffered and nearly died from the American Gestapo regime’s documented poisoning of my home and thus me with mercury, and also the assaults and other harassment, made me too ill to get into it.

Within a couple of years, I saw that physics forums had some people indicating that they could see that nukes may have been used to destroy the towers. Of course, all the regime’s agents would usually come down on them as soon as posted-- the well-paying job of Internet troll for the Intel agencies revealing itself.

Soon after, the physics forums had wise and knowledgeable people (presumably physicists or those who know much physics) indicating that some of the phenomena observed were best explained by nuclear bombs, the Finnish military expert’s website came online. It had though, the 4th generation nuke hypothesis that does not give rise to the China Syndrome Aftermath.

Soon after the Finnish military site went online, alternate 911 mechanism proponents went public with their “hypotheses.” These were the so-called “Directed Energy Weapons” [DEW] and “supernano-composite thermite” hypotheses. It was seeing these obvious lies that were too much for me to endure silently. I had never intended to get into this field due to illness and other factors. But it was clear to me that nearly all the 911truthers alternate hypotheses, websites, forums, etc. were intel-controlled. This is what I expected from the outset, already being an expert on the Kennedy Assassination, and knowing how virtually all books, authors, websites, articles, forums, museums, etc. are intel controlled. All, save those who told the truth about SS driver William Greer firing the fatal headshot that killed JFK, are bogus. Even there, one of the first “driver did it” authors, actually claims only a handful of rogue agents were involved. An example of trying to destroy the field from within—something I would uncover was also the case from virtually all other nuclear 9/11 alleged proponents.

I also was fascinated to see the websites and forums demonstrating that the videos of planes crashing into the towers were all bad CGI. So I frequently viewed such websites. It soon was apparent that there was an Op of coupling what was true—the planes were just CGI for TV—with something that was pure BS: DEW. As I saw there was not a single honest physicist who got into 9/11 truth; and that in particular the DEW hypothesizer took every WTC phenomenon that was due to either the nuclear demolition or the China Syndrome Aftermath, and obfuscated it into “DEW evidence”, I could no longer stop myself from writing about all this. And so I contacted the owner of this blog and submitted pieces herein, beginning some 5 years ago or so. Sadly, I think I remain the only honest physicist who has gotten into 911 truth. We should be thankful that he chose to publish my work here.

So I wrote on both exposing all the lies from the DEW and thermite, ludicrous hangout theories, and on all the phenomena that proved the case for nukes and China Syndrome Aftermath. I even revealed how the British admiralty owns the patent on all nuclear chain reactions, and thus would have had to be the one to order the nuking of the WTC—via standard small fission nukes. All the while, all the intel agents and their mindless followers holler about Mossad and Zionists doing 9/11. Again that is part of the double Op of the MSM blaming Arabs/Moslems for an action while the Internet simultaneously puts out the “Jews/Zionists/Mossad really did it”, meme at the same time, suckering in the mindless and the anti-Semites. Interesting that both types of Semites are blamed. I even detailed why— the Middle East is the leading candidate for "the big one" coming-- when the ultimate PTB will try another Quarantine Escape attempt. This may led to annihilation of our entire species, as happened several times in the last tens of thousands of years.

Of course, my articles and books have gotten little exposure elsewhere to date. Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, Bill Deagle all refused to have me on their shows after my nuclear 9/11 book was sent to them. Deagle had earlier wanted to have me on his show. But I guess he saw that I was not a fellow traveler blaming Mossad and that I destroyed the 4th generation nuke nonsense and that I was my own man, and he changed his mind about having me on his show.

Now I see across the internet on this 10th anniversary all the “good Germans” who so desperately mirror the garbage from the MSM/regime about what did and didn’t happen on 9/11/2001. They denigrate anyone on the many forums who writes that the truth of what happened remains hidden by the govt. And the bogus conspiracy sites themselves mostly proclaim the ludicrous “thermite burns forever” hypothesis to hide the nuking of the WTC and the China Syndrome Aftermath. Some even believe there is only the official nonsense and the thermite hypothesis-- so controlled is the internet.

Another reason I started to write on these matters is the following. In addition to seeing that there wasn’t any honest person who knew much physics in the 911truth field, there didn’t seem to be anyone who knew the deeper, older aspects of conspiracy knowledge either. I received some resistance for wanting to relate 9/11 to the Kennedy Assassination, the Apollo Hoax, and I am sure there is still resistance to relating it to the ultimate truth of who really has controlled Mankind since they first created us.

So watching all the “good Germans” on this anniversary besmirch the integrity of those who try to inform their fellow human beings that 9/11 “was an inside job” is sickening. We know the Govt/media would be going full blast with this, but watching all the mindless ones trying to outdo their beloved mass-murdering regime is nauseating. Sadly these jerks can claim that scientists and engineers go along with the official word, because corrupt ones/hidden agents have. But I have also destroyed the Govt’s official engineer’s theories completely. I showed how ZP Bazant’s papers had nothing but bogus physics and math, and indeed he deliberately lied about what the Govt agencies found to be the smallest dust particle size, and deliberately used a false number in his equations—which were already invalid for other reasons I showed. This was a slam dunk, and I called for his arrest for fraud, but this easily proven legal case was not disseminated on the web—despite being a slam dunk.

So people think that scientists and engineers either proved the official Govt nonsense or they believe the thermite nonsense because that came from a physicist. Sadly despite the internet, they do not bother to see his obvious history as an agent, and how he was inserted at the last minute to destroy the Cold Fusion field after he was inserted to allegedly try to help it! Before I saw this online, I knew what he was from his first public speech—proudly proclaiming how he was with all the other official lies. This included the planes, and the “finding” of a pristine passport of one alleged hijacker in the rubble.

Certainly to counter the mindless regurgitators of the official 911 theory, the articles with my nuclear 911 facts have been posted. These articles also let the regurgitators know how they mirror the good Germans who knowingly went along with their regime’s mass murders at home and abroad, along with the Reichstag building fire that the Nazis analogously used as an excuse for their wars of aggression with the same anti-terrorist excuse our regime uses. Indeed our regime has made things clear with their creation of a “Homeland Security” Agency and apparatus, identical to the Nazi regimes. This is all very MITOP (made it transparent on purpose).

So this is the 10th anniversary of what the British American regime did—mass murder some 3000 people, and later thousands more via the radiation of the China Syndrome as well as via conventional toxins released, and then used 911 as a excuse to murder millions around the world and to further enslave American citizens and to impoverish many of them. But I say hang in there. For every person who you show the light, you have found someone who cannot, and will not, go back to mindlessness.

From the Milgram experiments, some 30% of humanity will not blindly obey authority figures. So we know that many people probably are open to learning the truth., and even doing something about it. All the while, historians tell us a revolution only needs 5% of the population to have a good chance of succeeding. And after it does, most of the blind followers of the evil status quo will then happily proclaim what they denigrate now.

Hell, if our species survives, the PTB might even one day admit what they did (with some spin on it). They have somewhat admitted that the Gulf of Tonkin incident did not occur, or at least not as they first proclaimed it did. (No US warships were ever attacked that day.) The British MI5 has recently admitted Mussoloni was a British agent.

It will be a while longer before they admit Hitler and Stalin were also.

Finally I have shown how the deepest nature of what 9/11 was-- another Quarantine Escape event where the quarantined were sending a message to the Quarantiners. Alas this cannot be immediately pointed out to those not initiated in the deeper picture. Rather that would elicit the ridicule technique. The deeper picture should only be gotten into after the nuclear matters of 9/11 are made clear, and only then can other nuclear matters I detail in my books be mentioned to the previously uninitiated. These include the Oppenheimer statement about the Trinity blast being only the first nuke “in modern times”, the American nuking of its own sailors and town of Port Chicago, CA in 1944, the attempted nuking of the hidden side of the Moon by the bogus enemies USA and USSR, and all the nukings of the near Earth Space that were attempted Quarantine-busting events in the late 1950s and early 1960s..

And lastly that the events depicted in the Mahabharata, and the bible on Sodom and Gomorrah, indicate that our species or previous similar species, were completely exterminated by our evil, quarantined creators—masquerading as a supernatural “God”. And that they are counting down to doing this again to us. We must inform everyone who will listen, and resist by any means necessary. This should be OUR rallying cry on 9/11!

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