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Thursday, September 18, 2014

The ISIS PsyOp

How many bizarre clues can we find in these few sentences? 
ISIS released a haunting propaganda video showing a British captive promising to illuminate the “the truth” behind the militants’ network and criticizing his government and the U.S. approach to hostage negotiations.

The video — which runs for around three minutes — has not been verified by NBC News. ISIS extremists have released a long line of propaganda videos — including the grisly beheadings of three Western hostages. ISIS also has threatened the life of another British hostage, Alan Henning.

In a video released Thursday, a man who identifies himself as British is shown in an orange jumpsuit – the same style journalist James Foley and subsequent hostages wore in their beheading videos. The similarities end there, with the video — titled “Lend Me Your Ears” taking on the appearance of a news program. Speaking from behind a table in a darkened room, the man says he was taken captive in Syria in 2012 and promises that more “programs” are coming.

"Now, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, 'He's only doing this because he's a prisoner. He's got a gun at his head and he's being forced to do this.' Right?" he says calmly, speaking directly to the camera, hands clasped before him. "Well, it's true. I am a prisoner. That I cannot deny. But seeing as I've been abandoned by my government and my fate now lies in the hands of the Islamic State, I have nothing to lose."

1) Illuminate-- Illuminati = secret group
2) haunting-- they are scary, they behead people
3) "the truth"-- what is the truth? Is there "truth"?
4) 33-- "three minutes" and "three Western hostages"
5) powerful mixture of psychology here; the reverse psychology for people to reject what ISIS says through this Westerner, even though it's quite seemingly reasonable-- message designed to inflict cognitive dissonance.
6) disconcerting yet familiar setting-- a fake newsdesk.

Some of the video here. The hostage is John Cantlie.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ISIS extremists have released a long line of propaganda videos — including the grisly beheadings of three Western hostages

really. not one of these "beheading" videos actually depicts an actual beheading.
just another western military propaganda crap - remember when the mainstream media pretended that saddam's regime was throwing incubator babies out with the wash water? a good excuse for more war.

11:33 PM  
Blogger spooked said...


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