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Sunday, December 21, 2014

North Korea -- Hack Hackers?

Hard to know what to make of this goofy story on the Sony movie hack, especially with the weak evidence for NK doing it and NK denying their involvement. Some sort of weird publicity stunt by the movie-makers or corporate sabotage or some over-the-top hackers or a ridiculous ploy by North Korea or a NSA false-flag?

The whole thing is so strange, you can't even rule out that there is some sort of secret international collaboration by parties on many sides to ensure the isolation and paranoia of the NK regime, to allow for further development of hostilities and especially nukes. Though to be sure, the NSA (or the US Cyber Command) could have done this on their own, for that same end.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

IMO, this is a publicity stunt.

Bronco's call for a proportionate
response is a cover for causing NK's Internet to go down - and who knows what U.S. and or Israeli forces have been doing while the NK Internet is/was down.

6:02 PM  

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