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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Pet Peeve of the Day

I see this all the time-- atheists who equate belief in god with a "silly" belief in alien abductions or extra-terrestrial UFOs or 9/11 being an inside job. It's particularly annoying because otherwise atheists are smart and make a lot of good points about life and death and have a generally good philosophy.

A few points:

1) people who easily mock conspiracies are invariably shills, or just haven't done the research

2) there is actually much more solid evidence for alien abductions, extra-terrestrial UFOs and 9/11 being an inside job than for a Biblical/Koranic God.

3) what these atheists (so-called "critical thinkers") invariably ignore is that the elites/PTB/secret government clearly have:
   a) obvious reasons for keeping these various conspiracies secret (unlike God and religion, which is in their favor to have people believe in)
   b) covered up evidence about extra-terrestrial UFOs and 9/11 being an inside job

To be absolutely clear, I am an atheist who also thinks there is good evidence for extra-terrestrial UFOs and 9/11 being an inside job.


Now, I'm SURE there are people who think the evil UN or evil US Federal government is suppressing religion, and will point to some evidence such as not displaying some religious stuff on public property, not teaching religion in public school, or the like. But this thought that the government is suppressing religion in these ways is clearly misconstruing the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution, and it is pretty clear the US government gives broad latitude to people exercising their own religious belief in this country. Two pieces of evidence in this regard are that religious institutions are completely tax exempt, and that religious leaders get away with all sorts of scamming nonsense and are supported by many politicians.

The bottom line is that only a child or a simpleton or someone extremely deluded can seriously believe in the god of a specific religion. Being an atheist is no great intellectual leap, really.

However, it does seem that believing in conspiracies requires a considerable intellectual leap, unfortunately.


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