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Thursday, January 08, 2015

The Conspiracy "Community"

There are of course, various factions within the conspiracy community, defined by what topic they really focus on. There are hundreds of sub-factions and cross-factions, but the major ones certainly are:

1) JFK assassination

2) UFOs, ETs, alien abductions, crop circles

3) September 11, 2001 (9/11), terrorism, war on terror

4) Global elites, powers-that-be, CIA, Illuminati, Freemasons, Catholic church, banking, secret cults, pedophile cults

5) Israel, Judaism, Nazism, holocaust

6) martial law in US, restricting freedoms, governmental malice, gun control, Sandy Hook shooting, Boston bombing

7) the Apollo moon-landing hoax, other space fakery

8) "all-fakery" all the time-- fake news, fake crises, fake deaths, fake personalities, video fakery, crisis actors, fake conspiracies, endless disinfo.

I will ignore the largest conspiracy, which is organized religion, because in my opinion, it is all a crock and device for controlling people and should not be taken seriously. The other aspect of religion which makes it different from other conspiracy theories is that conventionally people don't consider religion a conspiracy. Even atheists don't normally consider religion a conspiracy; actually religion is actually largely mythology and part conspiracy.

So, of these 8 major themes, clearly most people who have gotten heavily into conspiracy theory believe in most or all of them (as I do to a certain degree), and they obviously all cross-connect. My major point is that people tend to identify with a particular theme more than another one, probably because that is how they entered the world of conspiracy.

For instance, I really only got into conspiracies after 9/11, and so I focus mostly on 9/11.  I was intrigued by the JFK assassination and UFOs before 9/11, but the significance and depth of the evidence never hit me until later on in my research. So I have branched out into other conspiracy areas as I have learned more, but 9/11 is still my main area of expertise, for sure.

So clearly there is a group of JFK people who really are identified in that area, a group of UFO people, and a group of 9/11 people. For the sake simplicity, I am primarily talking about "researchers" in these areas-- people who have written articles in these fields and/or people with websites devoted to these topics.

Within the "9/11 community", I tend obviously identify with the no-plane/video fakery/WTC nuke faction. For a while, this was a very lonely place to be, but now there are several researchers in this area. However, what actually inspired this post was my feeling of how different the online 9/11 conspiracy world was 7-10 years ago. It seemed and was much more connected and smaller. I had online interactions with almost all the major people. There was a feeling of community and there was a common goal for truth, as much as we were derided and hated by the outside. There was a lot of fighting and spinning of wheels, but at least something seemed to be happening. Now, there is nothing organized in the serious conspiracy world. People are just doing their own thing, there are tons of new people posting all over the place and tons of people who mainly do weird Youtube videos. In a way, the diversity is a strength as it's harder to break it up and pigeonhole. But it's also much much harder to go anywhere and have a common goal.

I have a particular note of distaste for two newer types of people in the conspiracy field:
1) the all-fakery-all-the-time crowd, a field pioneered by "Simon Shack"
2) the Youtubers who only put out crappy conspiracy videos on Youtube.

I REALLY hate Youtube videos as a source for conspiracy material, for several reasons:
1) it's really hard to review the material and fact check it
2) there is a LOT of major league crap out there
3) you have to waste precious minutes watching something before seeing whether it is good or not
4) I'm not against anonymous bloggers, or anonymity in general (obviously), but Youtube lends itself to an especially obnoxious and dumb form of anonymity. This isn't a knock against all of Youtube though, clearly there is some good stuff there.

And while I'm bitching, definitely some very prominent people in the conspiracy world are psychotics and/or have deeper issues going on and/or controlled. E.g. Alex Jones, Judy Wood, Simon Shack.

And of course, so many people in the conspiracy world appear to be either controlled, brainwashed or fundamentally dishonest.  Both on the pro-conspiracy and anti-conspiracy side.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

"You can all me a conspiracy theorist if you call evertone else a coincidence theorist"
John Judge

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