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Saturday, July 11, 2015

33 of the Day-- the CDC

There are more in the whole piece but there are three key threes here:
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — which has publicly disclosed three serious laboratory accidents during the past year involving Ebola, anthrax and a deadly strain of bird flu — says it will take three more years before it will release copies of all incident reports for the agency's labs in Atlanta and Fort Collins, Colo. 
On May 28, USA TODAY published a series of reports documenting hundreds of lab incidents at public and private research facilities nationwide. The investigation noted that many labs, including the CDC, have fought to keep records secret about incidents and regulatory actions. For nearly three years, USA TODAY has been unable to obtain other records about safety and security issues at CDC labs in Atlanta. In June 2012 — after receiving leaked internal agency records — USA TODAY reported that CDC's labs in Atlanta had experienced significant failures of laboratory airflow systems used to contain pathogens, as well as repeated security lapses in areas where dangerous viruses and bacteria are kept.  (snip)
 I always found it interesting that the zip code for the CDC is 30333.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Which of the evull PTB decided on that zip code? They just can't stop leaving a marker everywhere. Like my dog - only she isn't evil. Smart, of course. But not stark raving 33 evil.

5:58 PM  

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