Humint Events Online: Factors Contributing to the Election of Trump as POTUS

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Factors Contributing to the Election of Trump as POTUS

1) A shameful, craven, profit-driven conservative media that only ever presented Hillary negatively and Trump positively, and which was how too many voters got their information

2) A craven, profit-driven mainstream media that always gave the benefit of the doubt to conservatives, that refused to call them on their lies, that refused to take Trump seriously as a candidate, never really challenged him, never thought he could win, and only saw him as a ratings machine

3) A craven, profit-driven mainstream media that obsessed over minutia and refused to discuss policy in any meaningful way

4) A craven, profit-driven mainstream media that obsessed over Hillary's emails out of all proportion to any other story

5) A shameful, craven, profit-driven mainstream and partisan media that refused to discuss climate change, in any sense, despite it being a massive global threat

6) A shameful clickbait online media that promulgated misinformation

7) Celebrity culture and reality TV culture

8) A lazy, uneducated citizenry very susceptible to demagoguery and simple solutions

9) A shameful, craven Republican party that allowed Trump to trample all norms and enabled his candidacy

10) Conservative Christians freaked out by modernism

11) Whites losing their dominant status in the US, upset over 8 years of Obama-- i.e. RACISM

12) fears of globalism, fears in an uncertain world and the attraction of nationalism

13) hackers and wikileaks-- not only did they disrupt the general election, but they caused massive dissension and distrust in the Dem party

14) Russian influences on hacking, creating dissension in the US political process, particulary on the Dem side

15) Trump's unusual charisma, showman skills

16) Hillary's various weaknesses as a candidate

17) Sexism against Hillary, even (particularly?) from women

18) the pettiness of the left over not having a perfect candidate, their preferred candidate

19) insanely wrong voter polls that misled people in campaigns and the media

20) electronic vote theft?

21) GOP voter suppression

22) the challenge of winning from same party as current two term president-- historically hard


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