Humint Events Online: President Trump on 11/9-- a Political 9/11

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

President Trump on 11/9-- a Political 9/11

A liberal's nightmare-- Trump, Pence and the GOP in control of the Senate and House and an open SCOTUS seat...

I guess the globalists aren't in power and didn't rig the election for Hillary after all.

Unless Trump is the guy they wanted for their own dark reasons... maybe he's easier to blackmail or control.... so they rigged it for him.

Sure is odd how badly all the polls and predictions were off.

The suffragettes are still suffering.


Blogger the mighty wak said...

""Sure is odd how badly all the polls and predictions were off.""

the polls were off because they weren't really polls of public's opinion, they were media projections trying to steer public opinion.
one clue was the rallys trump's rallys had as many as 1000s of supporters while hillary was lucky to have dozens.

i doubt if trump is easier to blackmail or control, didn't you see some of the vile things that hillary has said and did over the years? just one example:
inviting foul-mouth rapper jay-z and his wife to her latest rally to "perform".
both are proud card carrying members of illuminati.
"fuck y'all niggas! fuck this n' that! nigga what? nigga this nigga that nigga please." all the while whore beyonce proudly grabbing herself shaking her fat ass.
see for yourself:

democrat family values at their finest.
she lost, not because americans are stupid, but because maybe they are finely wising up.

anyway, recall that the repubs disowned trump and actually endorsed hillary because they don't want anything jeopardizing their more-of-the-same neo-con business as usual, of which hillary is a major team player.
so despite the many documented instances of democratic vote fraud/manipulation (google it), the democrats still couldn't pull it off.

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