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Friday, November 18, 2016

Prepping That Race War

Racism wasn't just act during the campaign-- Donald Trump Is Building a Team of Racists

National Security Advisor appointee Michael Flynn is an Islamophobe

Attorney General appointee Jeff Sessions is an old-fashioned Southern racist-- this one is the most blatant, given the importance of the position

White House Advisor Steve Bannon is a white nationalist

CIA director appointee Mike Pompeo also appears to be an Islamophobe
But he’s a Tea Party member, a climate science denier, and an extreme anti-choicer who doesn’t support rape/incest exceptions. He thinks Edward Snowden should be executed. He thinks the people at Guantanamo Bay look “well-fed” and are well treated. He’s a Benghazi nutcase and he’s a fanatical opponent of the nuclear agreement with Iran. He’s been denounced by the The Council on American-Islamic Relations for saying Islamophobic things on the House floor.

Basically, all of these people are extremist right-wing hacks who do not belong in power in the US.

Flynn also has some disturbing ties to Russia.

Flynn is also the guy that first said that Obama and Clinton "founded" ISIS.

But the bottom line is that either by accident or design, Trump is surrounding himself with people who will create racial/religious tensions, probably in order to create a national emergency they can use to grab more power.


Blogger the mighty wak said...

don't worry so much. wait and see what happens.
the world is not going to end because some old white pedophiles don't like islam.
uncle sam has been bombing the shit out of 3rd world islamics for decades now.
that includes obama govt. and would certainly have included hillary govt.
hillary actually stating she would attack syria and iran, which everyone including you seemed to ignore.

"climate science denier"

what happened to "global warming"?
when that didn't pan out they started calling it global cooling.
suddenly it's "climate science"?
nobody "denies" there is science regarding climate.
it's a just a new blanket term to describe people that don't believe what other people believe.

2:17 PM  

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