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Monday, November 21, 2016

Trump's Cult of Personality

It's pretty obvious by now that a very large number of Trump supporters have attached some sort of mystical savior-like qualities to him.

It's really weird and creepy.

It's also disturbing to see conspiracy sites like Alex Jones and people at Washington's Blog act as if Trump is some amazing superman. Maybe even an Ubermensch.

Many of these people do happily see signs of Hitler-like qualities in Trump, while others seem willfully blind to it.

Keep in mind Trump:
-- ran a scammy fake university, that he just settled a lawsuit over for $25 million
-- has ran multiple businesses into bankruptcy
-- lost almost $1 billion in one year, in the Casino industry
-- boasted of sexual assault
-- was accused of sexual assault by over a dozen women
-- set a record for lies in a campaign
-- engaged in not so subtle race-baiting
-- openly promoted right-wing conspiracy theories
-- proposed banning a whole religion from entering the US
-- publicly asked Russian hackers to break into State dept emails
-- has no concept about nuclear weapons policy, and has freaked out security experts
and on and on and on... the list is almost endless of things he did that should have disqualified him from the presidency. And yet people voted for him anyway in enough numbers to eke out a win in the electoral college.

He breaks all the rules, and gets away with it because he says the right things to his supporters.

The only thing that can explain his supporters behavior is some weird cult of personality.

But it's such an amazing joke that anyone thinks he can change anything in DC or make it better. He's a total obvious conman.

It's not clear whether the Alex Jones outfit really believes in Trump, or they cynically or supporting them for some unclear reason. Certainly Jones' followers seem to be happy to go along with rightwing fascist bullshit. But it just goes to show how gullible conspiracy people can be.

Then there's the Evangelicals, whose support of Trump is the biggest joke in the world. Trump embodies loose sexuality, is a complete narcissist and knows almost nothing about Christianity.  But
Evangelicals have latched onto him as some sort of culture warrior/savior-- truly bizarre.  But it just goes to show how gullible Evangelicals can be.

The there's the media, which clearly loves the attention Trump brings to the media. They put up with his crap for the most part, because they always give the benefit of the doubt to conservative and they love RATINGS.  So they can make money as Trump completely fleeces the country, drives it into bankruptcy, and god knows what else.


Blogger the mighty wak said...

trump is a clown but the alternative was hillary.

12:01 PM  
Blogger the mighty wak said...

irael and hillary clinton:

israel and trump:

lest we all forget who's country this really is
and that it doesn't really matter who uncle sam's
figure-head du-jour is.

12:12 PM  

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